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  • I’ve searched through the forums looking for people that are having problems, of which the Total Widget Control fixes.

    I’ve found quite a few that would benefit from this plugin, thus posting the wp plugin page for it.

    But non of my posts are displaying.

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    You’ve been posting to old topics – many of which don’t seem to directly related to your plugin. From a reader’s perspective, this comes across as pure plugin promotion and such posts may be removed on sight.

    If you are genuinely trying to help people who could benefit from your plugin, you might be better off assisting with some of the more recent relevant topics rather than ones that are a month or so old.

    I posted on topics that were exactly related to my plugin.

    The old posts that I posted on had no responses to them, thus posting to those topics was perfectly relevant AND ENCOURAGED via the “Helping Out” documentation listed here: This is why bumping is discouraged, because there’s a specific tag set aside for this.

    According to the documentation what I was doing was perfectly acceptable, and I’ve read all of the documentation that I could find in order to stay within the boundaries.



    Forum Moderator

    The old posts that I posted on had no responses to them

    I’m sorry but that isn’t strictly correct. Quite a few had a number of responses.

    I strayed away from the ones that had been specifically resolved.



    Forum Moderator

    Many topics are not marked as resolved. Unfortunately, this simply means that – in some cases – the original poster neglected to mark the topic as resolved. We do try to encourage posters to mark topics as resolved but I’m afraid we aren’t always very successful in that regard.

    I see, so this whole forum is guilty until proven innocent.

    Would you mind showing me one of the topics that you deemed inappropriate and removed?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Given the … fast turn around for versions, if it’s more than a month old, unless you have THE solution, I find it’s best to just walk away from the old posts. It doesn’t seem to help anyone and, as esmi pointed out, can come off looking like self-promotion, even when it’s not.

    It’s a silly perspective thing. Nothing is WRONG about it, but if the spamfilter catches it, we’re likely to go ‘Gee, why is Jon posting in a 3 month old topic… no need to bring THAT back up. If the user still has issues, they’ll speak up.’

    (also that link you had points to helping on topics that have NO replies, not ones that aren’t resolved, which are indeed a more complicated bugaboo.)

    I think we get that your INTENT is good, but it came across weird is all we’re saying.


    I see, so this whole forum is guilty until proven innocent.

    Yeah, that ain’t gonna help your case 😉 We’re not assuming ANYONE is guilty, it’s just sometimes behavior meant innocently kicks a red-flag for people in the trenches. It’s not anyone’s fault (except the damn spammers), but just something we all have to be aware of. Walking a fine line and all that BS.

    Sure, but at the same time, you encourage that people search for their answers before posting it again, which assumes that they’ll find an old post with an answer. And you tell people to not bump their posts, thus the only solution for speaking out in your mind, would be to create a duplicate post.

    Maybe I just don’t understand your thought process.

    I built TWC to solve many problems with sidebar customization. So it makes complete since that I would post a link to TWC verses telling them how to build TWC to solve their problems.

    I learn from my mistakes, I would like to ask for you to show me the posts that you removed my comments from and tell me why they were flagged.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Don’t flag it modlook, please. We’re here, we know 😉 No need to spam our RSS feeds.

    you encourage that people search for their answers before posting it again, which assumes that they’ll find an old post with an answer.

    Well not a post, but a something, sure. Given the number of times we can solve a problem with a copy/paste from our notes proves that they don’t search first.

    But you’re not asking about user stuff, you’re asking about SUPPORT stuff.

    I don’t recall deleting any of your posts in the last week, but I was also ‘off.’ Because of that, I can only offer you some basic and general advice.

    If the majority of your posts are a link to your plugin, it’s a sign that all you’re doing on the forums is promoting your self. This is because if you were intent on helping people, then the implication is that you are more altruistic, and you would mention other, similar plugins (Widget Logic, for example). Alternately, you would question for details.

    In this post, someone wanted two different sidebars, one for the start page, one for the blog page. You didn’t even ask ‘Are you using a static front page?’ Also, the person said he was WORKING on a theme. Is he writing one as a developer, or editing as a user? You don’t know. So if your goal is to help people, you ask.

    If your goal is to support your product, and here I should emphasize there is NOTHING wrong with that, and I laud anyone who takes the time to do the thankless job of supporting their plugins from the ingrates (of which there are many), then what you’ve done is self-promotion, and that’s just not nice. It’s not horrible/evil/bad, but it makes you look like a jerk, which I’m certain is not your intent at all!

    I really hate perception on the Internet and how easy it is to screw it up :/

    I added the modlook tag just after my second post. Sorry about that.

    So is there a problem with me paginating more then three times and answering people that have the exact problem that my plugin solves?

    ..such as these posts, of which I believe that I posted to, but my comments are not displaying:

    Plugin to Hide Sidebar on a particular Page/Post?

    Help removing sidebar from specific page

    Add sidebar using a shortcode

    How to add conditional sidebars


    I clicked on the sidebar tag on the forum homepage and read threads for six pages. As for the other plugins, given, I don’t provide support for them and I don’t know what they do. All that I know is what TWC does.

    Totally not trying to be a jerk here, esmi just pisses me off and I’m trying real hard to contain that.

    @jonbyrd: Our moderators do an awful lot of volunteer work here answering people’s questions and solving problems. Specifically, they answer any and all questions they can, not just the ones that can be solved with their own plugins/themes/businesses. It would be much appreciated if you could refrain from using inappropriate language to describe how they make you feel.

    As an aside, this thread led me to check out your plugin. 1. On your home page, you are sporting a WordPress fauxgo. (Next to Taking WordPress by Storm.) 2. I can’t find the actual licensing terms of your plugin, but from blog posts on your site and text at the download link, it kind of sounds like you restrict usage (domains, etc). I would like to see a statement of licensing somewhere clearly on the site to be assured that it is compatible with WordPress licensing.

    Also, you have a lot of repeated links to your site — to the home page, not to individual pages — in your listing in the directory on extend. This looks a little like linkbait. Please ensure that links in the description, faq, etc do not simply repeat the same URL over and over. Thanks much!

    Wow.. The IRS comes in for an audit. This is what I get for trying to help out around here. You actually went as far as to ban my plugin even though there are hundreds of plugins out there that do everything that my plugin does.

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