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  • I noticed yesterday that all my blog images were replaced with a face photo of a young man (my blog is

    Sometimes the correct photos appear but usually this strange photo of a young smiling guy is all over my blog. When the page is refreshed the weird photos disappear, but not always. (Right now the photos aren’t there…but I bet they will appear again soon.)

    Here is an example of a screenshot when the weird photos are there:

    I am totally clueless!! That image isn’t anywhere in my files. I don’t know what to do!

    Please help?

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  • Check your coding, he may have added a “Random-Image display” which should be in your head of one of your PHP files, it could be anywhere, depeds where the code of the image displaying this is occuring, try to find the title of this face and source, and do a Ctrl+F find for the source name on each folder.

    Hope this helps,

    Here is the image source. Probably not much help


    Thanks for taking the time to lend me a hand!

    I was able to figure it out. Duh, I was “hot linking” to my own site on my site. Apparently WP Super Cache has an anti-hot linking feature (authored by Andrea Pernici) that I was not aware of…it displayed Mr Pernici’s photo in place of my own images.

    I fixed by just uninstalling the plugin and removing the .htaccess lines that WP Super Cache added.

    All is working now! Thanks again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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