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  • Well, i think im done with the overall design of my site. I am very new here so please forgive any non-professional work you see with my site, please take a look, i would really appreciate any feedback available and some advice on what i should or shouldn’t do.

    The background i got from search…

    the header i created on a free site…

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  • I would add a shadow behind the header image.

    The main body is wrapped in a container with rounded edges. The menubar’s rounded too. Will the header look better if it’s rounded instead of angular?

    Thank You for the feed back

    I agree with you actually. I Took your advice and made the best changes i could. I’m like a determined mechanic with limited tools….lol. I also wanted to round out the edges/corners of the “BP-navbar-menu items” and make it match the “main nav” they are also angular. i couldnt fix that so i just left it transparent with white text and “suffusion red-#8A1717” in “BP-sub-menu” and hover. I really do appreciate your prompt feed back. Please if you or anyone have any more advice towards any aspect of the site please help me out with some direction.


    I just viewed your site using IE8.

    I saw a large white nearly-empty rectangle with a very narrow column in the center (horizontally).

    Most of the content in the center column was missing. There were some boxes in the center column outlined in black, but they were either empty, or they seemed to only have partial content in them.

    Also, the color blue you’re using is extremely bright. Personally-speaking, I would tone down the blue a bit.

    The image you’re using in your header is 1214 pixels x 214 pixels at 95 dpi. Is there a reason why you’re using such a wide image?

    Thank you daisy. im not sure why that is in IE8. my nephew told me he couldnt see it in Chrome well…i checked with my chrome everything seemed fine. i ave IE8 as well and never used it. i will check now…….I am using a free logo service. i didnt really know a good size to use for the header image….any suggestions??? and is there something i can do to fix the IE8 issue… for the Blue i can really tweak that because that is also just a free image from bing….anywhere i can make some better backgrounds???

    Thank you again. i really do appreciate all this.


    The header image in the WP default Twenty Ten theme is 940 x 198 pixels. I wouldn’t use anything wider than that.

    I don’t know what the IE8 problem is. It might be something in your code.

    One thing could you could try is switch to the default Twenty Ten theme and then view your site using IE8 (and other browsers, as well).

    Most Web designers test their site using several different browsers in order to see if there are any problems.

    I’ve been using Photoshop for at least 15 years. That’s what I use to create backgrounds and other graphic elements.

    If you find a public domain (free) background or pattern that you like, try to save the image and use Paint (if you don’t have any graphics problems installed) to adjust the image, make it more transparent, etc.

    wow..thanks. im in starbucks waiting on someone to let me use there photoshop extended…that was 3 weeks ago…lol. hmmm, so i can just use paint to fix the back grounds…cool. im using buddypress as well dont think twenty ten is compatible….i thought suffusion was the best them because of all the optimizations you can do plus all the times it was downloaded….what do you feel is the best theme to use with buddypress? i think imm gonna have to buy you a coffee or tea….im trying really hard to make a good cause and it’s like the design of the site is holding me back….im not funded by any group and when im done everything will be free, informative and fun. spending so much time learning new things i think i lost focus or gained a new one….how much can i purchase a background for.


    Why do you need a background image for your site? Why can’t you just use a background color?

    Background images often make it difficult to read the text on a site.

    2 for 2 with me…lol, advice taken again. it’s actually looking better. I’m still not sure about the IE8 issue i tried it and it pulled up well for me. can you try again to confirm if its still happening on your end? Thanks again for everything. I apologize for being a noob @ this. I do have great interest now and I’m planning to get a lot better…thank you


    I like the new header very much.

    I still see a narrow column running down the middle of the screen. In some cases, it’s three narrow columns.

    The “Headlines” box doesn’t have any content at all.

    Why don’t you post a question in the “How-To and Trougleshooting” forum? Ask the members to look at your site in various browsers and tell you what they see.

    What theme are you using? Maybe there’s a problem with the code.

    What’s often suggested when there’s a problem is to change your theme to the Twenty Ten default theme and deactivate all plugins. Have you tried that?

    Im using the suffusion theme. I dont think the twenty ten theme supports buddypress. I felt suffuion was so powerful with all the cool optimization you can make. i am going now to post the ? in “how to” thanks again for everything….so is everything cool with the back ground color

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