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    I have just swtitched from to Someone signed onto my account and added themselves as a contributor. I changed it to a subscriber then changed my password. WOW.

    So I have many questions. I cannot get my email subscriptions to work, I don’t know how to put a facebook like box on my side bar, I tried different plug ins and nothing seems to work. I think I got the comment form to contact me thing to work. I came here so I could get google friend connect becuase I am a crafter and 95% of my audience has google friend connect, as now it’s no longer available. I think maybe just maybe I got my network blogs straightened out..but have to wait to post again to see. I think someone from is going to transfer my email subscribers over, I don’t know where to find them. I don’t know how to use some of the plug ins that are suppose to be on the sidebar, some show up in the widgets some don’t. I need help please anyone direct me to the specific videos I need or please tell me which plug-ins work best with your new version 3.5 Blue host says every time you upgrade, alot of times the plug-ins stop working. So I take it’s a trial and error and I don’t have that kind of time with a hop coming up tomorrow! I am excited to be here and what it will do for my bloggy world, am I even a blog anymore or am I a website? Can someone help me?

    One more thing, you probably can’t answer, is there a way to get my .com subscribers over?

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  • Hi SoManyCrafts – I can totally relate to the way you’re feeling right now. Hang in there though, there’s going to be a small learning curve, but you’ll get through it soon and be on the other side.

    I can’t speak to all of your issues but hopefully these suggestions will help you out:

    • A good social web plugin with stats and tools that I frequently use in my development: AddThis
    • Really helpful WordPress Video Tutorials:
    • Are You a Blog or Website? Personally, I think the word Blog is a dying species. A Blog is a type of website, so even if you have a blog, it is a website. So you have a website. Cool, though it’s not necessarily a clear cut thing for everyone. There are plenty of people talking about this question, as this Google recent search for “difference between a blog and a website”
    • reveals.



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    is there a way to get my .com subscribers over?

    You need to ask the folks over at about this.

    I am closing this so I can do it the proper way!

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