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    Ok, I really hope things are not as they look right now. Here’s what I did. I clicked on post, went categories and then I deleted uncategorized. Thinking everything was fine, I went to my home page only to find that all 78 pages of my site are no there. They seem to be deleted. When I go to the pages section there are no pages there, when I search pages it does not find any…however, when I go into dashboard it’s showing my full page count!

    My question is, did I in fact really delete my entire website? Or are the pages still there as they are showing in the dashboard but need to be pointed back to a category or something?

    I hope that’s the case and that I did not delete my entire website…..

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  • If the Dashboard shows your posts you should be ok.

    Go back to Edit Posts and try associating a Post or two with a Category and see if that helps.

    I can’t remember the fine points of the list Posts but I think you need to have Posts associated with a Category of some type. The “un-categorized” is normally a Default catch all. Posts can be associated with as many Categories as you want.

    Yes, that’s what I think, if the dashboard is still showing my “pages” not my post, then they should “ALL” still be there. But, we did try putting another category back in and that did not work. I’m thinking that there must be some one to “tell” the category to look at these “pages” again….but how to tell it that is my problem.

    I’m wondering it categories handle post different then how it handles “pages.”

    Posts Have Categories and Tags. Pages do not have Categories or Tags.

    Site URL?

    I don’t have any other thoughts – sorry

    On Admin > Settings > Writing, what’s the default category set to now?

    I just looked at my category’s list – My “uncategorized” does not look like it can be deleted.

    In Admin > Settings > Writing – My Default Category is uncategorized – but there is a drop down that allows the Default to be set to any of the Categories I have.

    Normal WordPress action is to reassign a Post to uncategorized if all the Categories it is associated with are deleted so all Posts should have at least one Category associated with it.

    David, wordpress pages do not have categories or tags. That only applies to posts. Ok, it’s already been stated by saildude. You need to have at least one category created to be able to see your posts, if they are still there.

    I follow what you and everyone else is saying. That’s what I thought as well, meaning, pages were not categories only post but I know this is a result of me deleting the uncategorized, category. I’ve also tried the suggestions of others here on the forum by going into Admin>writing> and selecting another category, still nothing changed.

    I thought that would have done it but then again, if pages don’t address categories then I understand why that did not work. I’m still trying to resolve this, I welcome any and all ideas and suggestions.

    Thanks everyone…

    Is your site set up with a “Static Page” as your opening page? If so was the Page that displays Posts / blog accidentally deleted?

    Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays.

    If the “Static Page” Page is selected there needs to be a specific Page set up for Posts.

    ???? Good luck

    Yeah but how would that become deleted just be deleting a category? I’ll look into it, because the front page/home page is no longer there a yahoo page comes up when I look at it on a PC. When I look at it on a Mac a WP calendar is there instead.


    What do you mean url? are you asking me what’s my url?

    Your site address / link to see it.

    Sometimes others see something that you might have missed in the problem description that helps them to help you.

    url = website address 🙂

    address for the site that you are having problems with.

    sure, it’s

    What’s also odd is when I create a new page, it saves it, but it does not show up in “pages” on the dashboard. You can see that the new page was added because my “page” count increases.

    The new page title shows on the front pages menu bar but when you click on it, it does not come up. My “home” page is still showing an event calendar….this is very interesting.

    Looks like You have a Static Front page –

    when I clicked on “blog” page not found – seem to be missing the Page required to show Posts – Carefully step through the following and see if that works.

    You want to create a Page for your blog Posts and link it to display Posts.

    Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays.

    If the “Static Page” Page is selected there needs to be a separate specific Page set up for Posts.

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