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  • @yaniiliev I’ve had this problem on 2 sites in recent months. It gets to 100% then sits there.

    I tried the above posted version on the import side (the export side was the latest version of the plugin) and it worked.

    I’m a seasoned PHP/Wordpress developer. This has happened on PHP 5.6 and 7.2 alike. All my export/imports are from one place on my server to another. Feel free to get in touch if you want to troubleshoot



    Thanks for the help its work for me too.Appreciated

    My import upload was stuck around 11%. Nothing helped, GoDaddy was not useful. This helped. It’s at 36% and loading, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Unbelievable. Hours of time wasted just because of something was screwed up in a latest plugin version!

    @romandesign It’s beyond believable – it’s normal. No software is perfect and it takes many hours to develop and support open source software – software which saves us from having to code a CMS and all the requisite plugins for additional functionality. So time saved might be 100 hours. You’re still coming out ahead, bro. Not trying to start a flame war here but let’s not take things for granted.

    LOL It’s work! xD Thanks man.



    I updated the .htaccess file for the maximum upload file size. Multiple attempts with the newest version failed/froze up at about 60 percent. Installed the old version provided in this thread and it completed on the first attempt.

    @angelbope It worked! Thank you very much for posting the solution.

    Confirmed, this old plugin version does work correctly when importing. Latest version does not. I even hacked this one and increased max upload size to 2GB. There is most definitely something wrong with the new version. @yaniiliev

    This download is labeled in the URL as version 6.64 but the files in the zip are version 7.5. (I installed it anyway and it doesn’t resolve my freezing issue). Also, what version of the extension should I be using with this? So far, what I have has not resolved the issue: both source and destination have ver 7.5 of plugin and 1.5 of the extension. Any help available on that? Thanks.

    I think these guys have become frauds. Their service was freemium but now it is clearly broken on the newer versions and I think it is intentional. And they have got all the older versions available on the internet to their latest version (Older version number on the zip file but newer files inside, on wordpress official plugin repository and on Plugin Archives . But currently there is another way I think beyond their control. WebArchive. Download the old version from official wordpress via webarchives:

    If it was compl9 premium it is okay but providing as free and then make it paid only is worse.

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    The developer had create a extension that allow files up to 512mb in free mode and fixed the stucked upload. Tested in version 7.10. Thank you.

Viewing 12 replies - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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