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  • What is this?

    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    Last night, I worked with 2 users having this issue.
    It was determined to be a problem with their internet.
    I will advise you to try importing with a stable and fast internet connection.

    The latest plugin version has issues on import. It freezes.
    Your solution actually worked! Thank you.

    worked for me too, thank you

    @angelbope, another win. Your solution worked.
    I wanted to buy some automated cloud backup plugins from all-in-one. But now we will look for other solutions 🙂 Had this problem too many times with a few of our sites.


    This failed to upload into wordpress.


    I’M STUCK AT 90%!!!!!!

    Thank you. This version posted here worked for me where the “latest” version of the plugin just got stuck.

    I register just to say Thank you! its working, the latest version gave me headache.

    Thank you @angelbope ! your solution is perfect, the latest version of the plugin still freeze during the importing task. Thank you!


    I installed the ‘solution’. Updated to the latest version. And it still stalls out. Each time it stalls at a different percentage, but usually around 40%.

    Any other ideas?

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    Thanks, bro… It’s working

    Well, @angelbope I have to say, I was skeptical. Originally my PHP settings were limiting the upload size to 128M (I had a ~150M) file. I fixed the upload size via CPANEL on my site, and verified that it was resolved, but I could not get past about 48%-53% (almost always a different location), and I tried more than 10 times. I even tried matching up PHP versions and such, but nothing worked…

    Until I downgraded the plug-in to the version you suggested, and it uploaded the first time, without any issues, and the website looks intact.

    So clearly something is broken in the new version, and hopefully if I need to do this again, it’ll be resolved by then. Meanwhile, thank you for posting this! You saved me a lot of frustration that I was about to go through having to perform a manual backup/restore of the files & database.

    This absolutely WORKED 100%.

    I am sooooo disappointed with this plugin! I have used it for YEARS for flawless and easy import/export feature.

    The new version does not work AT ALL!!!

    This old version does the job perfectly and I will be saving this file forever!!!


    @yaniiliev The new version of your plugin is NOT working. I have tried it with various internet connections, all good and strong.

    I have used your plugin for years, your new release fails. BUT, this old version works 100%. I hope you can fix the new version.

    @angelbope You are life saver. Spent hours this morning trying to migrate a site and it stuck on 9.34%. This version you have provided worked spot on. @yaniiliev Please take note

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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