I Stupidly Sent this to Site Bug Report -Duh. Need to RTFM. (1 post)

  1. cmarshall
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Read the post here.

    Also read the two before it for context.

    This is INCREDIBLY annoying. When I am testing a WP installation, I run a local copy on my laptop, as well as several Parallels VMs. Each VM uses a non-routed IP (10...) to connect to the copy running on my laptop.

    In order to make the 2.X versions run, I needed to patch the option_ hook. Fine. No problem.

    However, this doesn't count for admin, because admin reloads the URI from the database with no hooks. Maybe this is a security feature, but that doesn't make sense for the URI.

    This means that I need to directly hack the DB EVERY SINGLE TIME I RELOAD IT, which can be multiple times an hour. It also means that I can never test admin from my VMs.

    Can someone PLEASE help me to hook the admin URI the same way I can the site URI?

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