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I stopped Domain Mapping… but now it's Mapping again

  • I started a blog at onallcylinders.wordpress.com and set up Domain Mapping using onallcylinders.com. I later decided to go with the hosted WordPress.org. As of Thursday I pointed onallcylinders.com nameservers to my hosting account, cancelled Domain Mapping, and deleted onallcylinders.com from my onallcylinders.wordpress.com Domains list.

    My plan has been to continue running my blog from wordpress.com until I get my hosted version configured how I want it then import all of my latest content and purchase a Site Redirect through WordPress.com to redirect the old to the new.

    I have been able to access my hosted WordPress through onallcylinders.com, BUT onallcylinders.com continues to redirect to onallcylinders.wordpress.com. Actually this weekend everything was OK, onallcylinders.com was showing what I have on my hosted account. But now, Monday, onallcylinders.com is back to redirecting to onallcylinders.wordpress.com even though I did nothing.

    What’s also odd is if you view a story I imported from the old to the new you’ll stay on onallcylinders.com: http://onallcylinders.com/2012/03/27/line-ready-to-reap-the-rewards-of-a-las-vegas-win/

    But if you click Home from the above link, the link shows http://onallcylinders.com/, but you are redirected to http://onallcylinders.wordpress.com/.

    What do I need to do to have onallcylinders.com go to onallcylinders.com and STAY there? Is it just a matter of time and/or caching of some sort since this already happened but has since reverted?

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