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  • Even before I posted my blog to facebook, I was able to get almost 200 views from redit and digg a few other random sites like that… that seems like a lot of views? Is that normal? If I put google adwords on my blog, how much money could I make with 1000 hits?

    Also, you should check out my blog. 🙂
    Its about traveling, politics, and alternate living…

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  • first things first, look at the “Unique Visitors” i think you may be talking about “Page Views”.

    You should consider using Awstats or Webalizer for your user tracking needs.

    Secondly, most advertisers like Adwords usually Pay-Per-Click, that is for every unique ip address that clicks on the ad link they give you x amount of dollars.

    Hope i have been helpful…

    haha well it looks like your right… so although im sad cause i thought i was gonna start raking in the cash.. its ok, cause im at 400 of those page views.. so unique views cant be far behind.. 🙂 I’ll add that tracking thing. thanks man!

    What you make from placing Google AdSense on your site can vary greatly depending on the quality of your traffic. That said, even if you’re getting the perfect demographic, your conversion numbers are still probably lower than you think.

    Your site is currently unranked in PR and Alexa. I would venture out and say that your AdSense income would be close to zero.

    Lastly, I personally use Google Analytics for all of my tracking needs. You could try that to get accurate data for your site.

    ya thanks for all the tips! 🙂

    your right they aren’t unique hits… but i must say im still getting more then I thought I would.. Blogs are cool.

    analytic s wont seem to work… but its all good..


    thanks for the advice! 🙂

    Why isn’t analytics working? It takes 24 hours to index your site.

    Make sure you placed the code in the right spot on your site so Google Analytics knows it’s you.

    great content – interesting material to spend ages reading..good one !

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    Great idea and content, thinking about any other tools for monetizing?

    Not surprised, these stories are a lot more unique than most of the writing at other places. They seem controversial enough to attract attention, too. Not sure how well a site like this would work with ads though, the readers may like it better than advertisers unless you find niche advertisers like independent bookstores.

    ya im not too worried about ads. I think it would be cool if I could make like 10$ a day from adds.. that would basically cover my living costs on the road.. but for now im just happy to write.. maybe ill get some specific ads like bookstores and travel companies and sustainable companies etc..

    thanks for the compliments!! 😀

    Earning $10 a day doesn’t happen by accident. Many people spend hours of promotion each day and don’t earn that much.

    Obviously, there’s a select group who earn significantly more than that with very little effort since they’re established.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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