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    im obviously new to wordpress so dont use any crazy lingo 🙂

    anyways, i managed to delete the tab that brings you back to the main page from elsewhere in the site. i can get back to this main blog page by clicking the title, but this might be a problem for some users.

    now when i change to a different theme, the home tab is back where it should be.

    i also created a new home page, but it isnt linked to the main blog page.

    any suggestions?


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  • If you set up a custom menu in the Appearance/Menus page you can get control of what appears in the menus.


    thanks for replying

    but thats only for the side widgets correct?

    im trying to add a tab to the navigation menu that has a link to the main home page

    I’m sure what you’re doing will work, but you really should get the original default theme file and replace what you deleted. Then learn how to use custom menus, available from the “appearance/menus” settings in most themes. It’s quite easy, no need to go into the code.

    However I’ll give you a tip, something I didn’t discover for quite some time: With custom menus, if you want to make dropdown submenus for child pages you have to drag the sub menu widget under the main menu widget. It will make sence when you see it.

    i understand what your saying with the dropdown parent menus, ive already experimented with it.

    but does anyone know how to solve my problem?

    Sorry, you indicated in an earlier post that you might think it had something to do with widgets. just wanted to be clear.

    otherwise, I’m not 100% on what you want to do, if you can already make custom menus and have repplaced the code that was changed.
    what’s the goal?

    Sorry, I probably wasn’t as clear as I could have been.

    The goal is to create a tab on the navigation menu that will send the user to the main blog page.

    Are you using a custom menu to acheive this? is your default nav code in tact? I’m not sure what you mean by

    , i managed to delete the tab that brings you back to the main page from elsewhere in the site.

    I deleted the home tab in the navigation menu. Like the default one that is the only tab on the menu when you first start editing the website. Without it, I cannot get back to the main page with the blog.

    And no, I didn’t use a custom menu. And as far as I know,the default nab code is in tact. I didn’t mess with any of the codes.

    The two areas that effect this are Settings/Reading and Appearance/Menus. What settings are you using there, which page is set as ‘Front Page Displays’ in Settings/Reading and what is set as your ‘Primary Menu’ in Appearance/Menus?


    yay i figured it out.

    i was using some random primary menu that i probably set when i was experimenting with wordpress. once i switched it to default it corrected itself.

    thanks pkwooster and deepbevel.

    i really appreciate it!

    You’re welcome, please don’t forget to mark this topic as ‘resolved’.


    Bravo.. don’t forget to mark the thread resolved:)

    think he’ll forget? (haha)

    just did 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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