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  1. cmenice
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've got my blog back up after a long hiatus (coming from MT because it ate a year's worth of entries one day). I'm loving WP. I'd love any comments you all have. I went with the keep it simple methodology for this so that I can focus on content. This is a work in progress.
    My site

  2. Joni
    Posted 11 years ago #

    It's as naked as a newborn hare. But I do like the show/hide links on the side bar. And I know how frustrating it is when a program belches and eats all your work! If you haven't downloaded it yet, go now and grab the One-Click plugin. You can backup your MySQL database and your WP templates in one fell swoop and save them to a folder on your hard drive (or a removable drive) that you specify. It's one of the best plugins around, IMHO!
    Go here if you're using WP 1.2:
    And welcome to WordPress!!

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