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  • In making my first website on my own (earlier done by pros) I seem to have erased all the coding or css on twenty twelve and want to change some spacing as well as add some seo and need to have it it seems. I have not figured out how to just start over which I would do. my site is

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  • If you want to start creating your own version of twenty twelve I have written a small article here on the staring point.
    creating a child theme in twenty twelve
    I do not think that you have erased all the coding/css on your theme it just looks like you have set full page as the template?

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    Alternative article on Child Themes

    Hi Andrew, I link to that page from my article as well 🙂

    Thanks but,
    I think the problem lies in the fact I did not make a child theme,when I look at the pages there is no css on any of them just the easy rotator. I’ve tried to put in css codes that I’ve read about to change the spacing or do other things and they show up on the page itself..It seems impossible to fix, I’ve read tons of articles that all mention child themes but I didn’t make on.

    What do I do to start over just delete my site? I hate to have nothing up while I’m working on it

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    Which page is it that doesn’t seem to be loading the CSS?

    I also can’t get icons for FB Linkdin,etc to show up on the pages. I can do nothing but have the easy rotator

    none of them only the easy rotator info is in the text or visual section of each page, when I type something in either it shows up on the page itself as I typed it

    What do I do to start over just delete my site?

    No, just download any other theme and activate it temporarily while your delete and re-download Twenty Twelve. And as an alternative to deleting your current Twenty Twelve, maybe just rename its folder and style.css if you would like to refer back to it while working on a new Child Theme.

    Not sure I understand how to rename the folder and I have no style css
    theres nothing but the easy rotator. Anytime I’ve changed themes it comes up the same as this one with no info..Will I be able to reload while I have the theme up? Do I not need to work on it with my web address used?

    I believe Klick Design is correct and you do have a theme running with css. What you might have deleted, however, is some custom css you might have had in place somewhere. So, my new guess is that your theme might actually be fine and you just need to make a Child Theme…and that is typically done at your server via FTP by adding a new folder inside your folder named “themes” and proceeding from there.

    Your css stylesheet is in wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/style.css
    I do not think that you need to delete your site, what has changed?
    Has it always been full width with no side bars, has the font color or menu changed?

    It is not that something changed that i didn’t do myself but when I look up how to change the spacing for instance it says type some code in. If i do that it shows up as whatever I typed on the site and no changes are made in the spacing. I have followed instructions to add icons etx. and nothing happens. I like the simplicity of the site but need to make it more optimized and feel i deleted something that allows me to do that.
    I didn’t understand the importance of a child theme just jumped in and made changes.

    I didn’t understand the importance of a child theme just jumped in and made changes.

    Where did you make those changes? My guess is that you have a custom CSS option somewhere at your Dashboard.

    if there was i deleted it. If i go to customize your site theres no css option or under anything in the dashboard.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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