I seem to have broken my template (3 posts)

  1. vinylslut
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I've had the site up for almost a week, and it's the third time I've done something that makes the design all wonky. The other two, through a series of trial and error, I managed to work it out. This time I can't for the life of me crack it.

    And it's odd how it happened. It was fine... I switch the "anyone can register" option, and all of a sudden things we slightly out of alignment. It still works, it's just annoying to look at, and it's only on the multi-post pages. I switched that setting back and it was still busted. I got nothing.

    Anyone good with this sort of thing wanna give me a tip on how to bring it all back together? If you solve the problem, I'll even send you one of our "Real DJs Do It with a 12 Inch" t-shirts. Assuming you even want it. Thanks.



  2. vinylslut
    Posted 9 years ago #

    After posting this... it seems to have fixed itself. I didn't do anything. Weird.

  3. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    1. Changing setting in admin should NOT affect the layout of the blog. Are you sure you didn't edit any of the template files?
    2. ALways keep an un-altered copy of the template files you edit, so you can revert back if something goes wrong.
    3. It looks OK in Firefox - can you be more explicit about the issues you are complaining about?
    4. I'd start here, regardless:

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