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  • Hi there.

    I would try to clear any website cache as also to refresh the browser cache and delete browser cookies. This may help


    Thanks! I’m trying to find that dashboard “Page” that controls the page. I’m probably not explaining this correctly as cache is really not the issue being I’ve tried all that. This is a hard one to explain but let me try.

    I can see the page while viewing the site online just fine.

    Dashboard > Pages > the page titled “Services” (I know the title can be anything). I believe this page in my dashboard contains the content for the above online page because the URL is the same; I also know WP can’t have the same URL for 2 pages. If you try it WP will put a “-2” or -3 etc… at the end of the URL.

    If you look at the above page online, all the “Residential and Commercial Services” are being pulled in from the “Services” section of my dashboard, Ok. What’s left on the dashboard “Page” called “Services” is the orange full-screen button at the bottom.

    Ok here’s the issue:
    When I change something on the aforementioned “Services Page” in my dashboard my changes do not show while visiting the site online. Even when I “Preview” my changes directly from my dashboard the changes don’t show. However, If i change the URL to a random URL like my changes show but the “Residential and Commercial Services” are gone. Weird!
    (Nope.. don’t have a clue.)

    All my other pages work fine. I’m trying to change the meta page title to something else and I can’t do it. Can’t do it with yoast on the dashboard Services page, and I can’t change it directly on the page title section. I’ve tried disabling yoast, still have the same issue.

    Anybody know what’s going on and/or how to change the meta title or edit the page?
    Thanks, Greg

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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