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  • My site ( obviously relies heavily on categories to display the index page. What am I going to be able to do once 2.3 lands? With the removal of categories, I’m kind of worried that I may be stuck with 2.2 for, well, forever.

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  • Where’s that news from? It sounds like an unlikely development given how crucial categories have become for WordPress blogs.

    The categories table will be removed from the DB and replaced with tags.

    It doesn’t read to me like categories are being abolished — just that they’re going to be handled in the database in a different way:

    The term_taxonomy table places a term within a taxonomy. This is what makes a term a category or tag (or both). “term_id” is the ID of a term in the terms table. “taxonomy” designates the taxonomy in which the term resides. The default taxonomies are “category”, “link_category”, and “post_tag”.

    The php is beyond me, but it seems to be saying that there will be “terms” that can either function as categories or as tags. So it sounds like you’ll be able to keep your categories. Perhaps someone who actually understands all this could clarify.

    It seems that you will still be able to use categories. This from Ryan’s post:

    The category API remains as a backward compatibility layer on top of the taxonomy API. Plugins that use the category API should not require any changes when upgrading to 2.3. Plugins that perform direct SQL queries on the categories, link2cat, or post2cat tables will break, unfortunately.

    So any plugin or theme that does not do direct SQL queries will work.

    Hmm, does anyone know if the “Posts for Category” plugin makes direct calls or not? I’m not really that good with PHP and I can’t link to the plugin because the homepage seems to be down, but I can post the code here if needed.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that does with with 2.3 that does something similar to “Posts for Category” or “Customizable Post Listings”? With 2.3 drawing ever near, I’m worried I won’t be able to upgrade at all.

    You can use both categories and tags, or one or the other. Read this blog:

    Right, but I need a plugin that will continue to work and allow me to output the most recent posts from each separate category.

    Anyone have any ideas? It seems the two plugins I’ve used have ceased development. I’m hoping someone knows of a suitable alternative.

    Most blog use labels now, I still use 2.2 version at my blog
    I like to use tags.

    Actually, 2.3 re-writes the categories into three new database tables, but still calls them categories in the dashboard.

    I’m thinking you should be able to use your categories. My 2.2.1 blog relied on categories for the three blogrolls, and there’s no change in workings of my blog after a proper upgrade is done to 2.3.2.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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