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  • Resolved Marjolijn Harvey


    I’m working on a website and the ‘i recommend this’ heart is working great on their category page or single posts, but not on the home page..
    It does not show up at all…
    I did play around with position relative to all of the bits on the post footer, so I thought maybe it was ‘hiding’ behind the gallery, but looking in the code with firebug it really is not there at all..
    In my settings I have it set up to Automatically display on both Posts and All other pages like Index, Archive, etc. (both are ticked)

    Do you know what the problem might be?
    Oh and theme used is Weaver II Pro, maybe they’ve changed something in the way the homepage is called?


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  • Plugin Author Harish Chouhan


    Hello Maroline,

    Sorry for the late reply. Sometimes if Home page is set as frontpage, this causes issue.

    Can you please try placing the below code in the template of your home page.
    <?php if( function_exists('dot_irecommendthis') ) dot_irecommendthis(); ?>

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks for that, I tried that but it didn’t make any difference..
    Is there anything else I could try?

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks for your reply!
    I tried that but it didn’t make any difference…
    Is there anything else I could try?

    Thank you 🙂

    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan



    I am right now testing the code on one of my websites to recreate the ssue and will get back asap.

    Thanks Harish!

    Not sure if the theme is creating the/a problem too, I use Weaver Pro, this is the free version which works the same without the Pro add-ons:

    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan



    I checked at my end again and it works. I took a quick look at the theme code

    This theme is really complicated. Due to the way its setup, you would have to manually edit files with file names starting with content-“*”.

    As you can see, I set my blog as my sites home page and it worked.

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks for your reply.
    So you are saying I’d have to manually edit all files with file names starting with content-“*”, which including content.php are 16 files altogether. Do you mean adding in the code <?php if( function_exists(‘dot_irecommendthis’) ) dot_irecommendthis(); ?> like you mentioned above in all of them? Any particular area ie start of document, end of document? I will wait for your reply before I try this in case it’s not what you mean and it messes up the code in the theme.

    I had a look at your site above and see that it works, you are not using weaver though are you?

    Thanks ever so much for your support!!

    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan


    Hi again.

    Hard to say exactly where to put it. If you are familiar with WordPress loops, then right after the the_content(), you can place the code I told you earlier.

    Your theme supports different post formats, hence I would suggest trying with say just content-link, or content-video and then testing it.

    hi mafgirl,

    i need your help.
    i was searching to modify registration page of a another plugin named ‘Job Manager’ and found your post over there [one year old] with same question. Can you please help me if you had success in modifying the registration page and getting it auto-fill in apply form. I’ll be greatly thankful to you. If not here, You can share your reply at my mail id – [ redacted ]
    Since this is a different thread, so my sincere apologies.


    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan


    any luck with your website Maroline?
    Also I noticed on your single post page in Chrome, its hard to click the heart icon.

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks, it worked by putting the code into content.php (didn’t need to use the others).
    However, we wanted to show the like heart at the bottom of the page and used position relative to achieve this. It works on the home page and single pages, but for some reason, the like heart is related to the top of the post in categories, so when I put in position relative, whether I put bottom: –px or top –px, it still relates to the top of the page so if the post is longer or shorter, the heart does not move with it.
    It is weird because on the home page and single post pages this is not the case and it does stay at the bottom of the page, so I am not sure why it is that way, would you know a way to fix this at all?
    For now I’ve left the like heart at the top of the page, see example here:

    Thanks Harish!

    PS watercolourz, I’ve emailed you

    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan


    Hi again,

    I tried this using just the inspect element tool in chrome, and it worked but not 100% sure.

    To position things correct, first give the .entry-content class a relative position

    .entry-content { position: relative; }

    .dot-irecommendthis {
    right: 0px !important;
    position: absolute !important;
    bottom: -77px !important;
    z-index: 999;

    The position of the link then has to be absolute to be able to precisely place it. The z-index property will make it a level above the other elements which would make clicking it possible.

    Harish, this is great!
    worked like a dream thank you so much!!!
    All resolved 😉

    Plugin Author Harish Chouhan


    good to know. Good luck with the site.


    I would like to do the same thing but the framework of my theme appears to be a bit different then Mafgirl’s Theme.

    My theme is set up as this blog here –

    If you could help we would be able to launch our website today! Thanks in advance!



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