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  • All this ‘plugin’ or ‘site builder’ has done is both sadden and anger me. For years i’ve built websites where the content is added through the classic editor/advanced custom fields ‘flexible content block’. This ‘flexible content’ would offer a user options simular to what gutenberg does like ‘images’ or ‘gallery’ which could be inserted after the classic editor content. A major downside being the lack of a preview, which due to how ‘limited’ the options in these ‘acf blocks’ are – really hasn’t been a issue.

    Gutenberg should have been ideal for this. A live preview, cleaner ui, blocks and what looked like >optional< extra options. Exept when it launched the way it functioned made it a giant headache, not worth using. I’ve found after more than 2 years the exact same issues we had are still present. This thing is a NIGHTMARE to scale back towards something usable for someone who isn’t a “designer”.

    I can only assume i am ignorant of some solutions, at this point i’ve just given up. I find the documentation is a pain to read through, unclear about so many things that seem so unnecessarily complex.

    I faceplanted into so many dissapointments/walls:

    • Why can’t i disable some options!! it’s like welded down, i don’t need my client to stretch a 100x100px image over the entire page
    • The ui still so clunky and the lack of focus on things, you get lost while editing and i’m not even one of our clients who just wish to say “hello we sell tasty fish” [pictures of some fish]. All of this seems so overly catered to a designer or highly experienced user.
    • How the blocks are puked out on the page, how little control i have over anything inside of them or how they’re often broken from the start.
    • The non functional preview device switch which does NOTHING for websites that use media queries, it’s just a narrower container that in some cases show a broken version of a theme
    • The creation of a simple block, I MUST be misunderstanding something?!! the documentation seems so incredibly unclear, maybe even incomplete.. i’m continuously staring at giant parchment’s written by some priest from the 1400’s, 100s of lines of code for just a simple new block.
    • The obscene output and options of some blocks like the default ‘gallery’ block. Why allow link opening to a useless ‘media file’ or even worse ‘source link’ behind /block?!! i can’t disable this either?!

    It’s exhausting to try and develop something in this thing that tries to conform it to more specific needs or a smaller scope initially. I’m sure this thing will develop into something you can “build a website” with eventually. But this falls back on the same argument i’ve seen repeated so many times. A huge chunk of wordpress’s users aren’t going to be the designers Gutenberg seems to want them to be. Gutenberg may push towards more and more expansive sets of options and features. But as long as a developer who is used to accessing any and all the stuff wordpress outputs, isn’t able to – this thing will be rejected until the end of time.

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by lauwekroket.
    • This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by lauwekroket.
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  • I definitely prefer to use the Classic Editor and my Advanced Custom Fields PRO.

    I like setting up my custom fields and building my theme using it. Right now there is nothing better for speed/ease to create your container for your data and ability to get the data out.

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