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    I had enough. This is no way! Maybe I am little bit biased… I hate all javascript on the web. There is some use cases where we have to use it but not this… this era full of javascript everywhere… my gosh… this s**t has to stop! Performance horror within core?! I waited almost 5 years to see no advancement in performance. I had a doubt in early stages. React, Node, Vue… all this wonderful ideas and approaches for a stacks are just pillars of a Babylonian tower! Go ahead be a masochist on your sandbox but do not push it forcefully to an users as great idea! It is not! We do not need it! We want computers in our services not be pawn in service of your stupid stacks!

    If you really want push us to the React, there is PREACT (which is more optimized). But i am against any non essential javascript in a core of my beloved wordpress. It should be about markdown syntax, some shortag but not this… i can not write a word without lags. What a wonderful User eXperience!!!

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  • Hi @angelxube!

    Thank you for your feedback and for trying. I totally get that the block editor can lead to a worse/slower writing experience sometimes, specially if used in old computer. The good news is that we have a team focusing on performance that is continuously shipping improvements to reduce load time and improve general performance.

    If you are noticing this poor performance on a newer computer, can I suggest you consider taking a look at some of the open issues regarding performance to see if one of them matches your case?.

    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks for an advice and helpful links but it was not very helpful for me. Gutenberg is really bad in performance. I find out that performance in firefox is much better than chrome and safari but not perfect. Block editor is no problem. Technology behind it is. Elementor or other editors works great. Even on really old computers. Also this approach with old/new computer as ultimate solution is not solution at all. Editor should work on old computers aswell as on new. It is just text.

    We have been listening about performance team few years already and nothing happens for us. I think problem lies in react itself and virtual DOM architecture. There is very similiar problems across all react solutions. Even facebook is so slow…

    But again… Plugin ratings tells for themself. It is pitty that so much effort is put to something so bad to make it at least usable.

    Hello there, thank you for your reply.

    > Block editor is no problem. Technology behind it is (..) There is very similiar problems across all react solutions.

    I am not sure I follow. Do you think that all react-based web apps perform poorly no matter what?

    If you have an app where especially the first load performance is critical, you might not wanna use React which is like 50kb gzipped. This is why most large ecommerce or news sites do not use react.

    Now, in the case of the WP Block editor, this should not should be a problem. Could you share more details on what part of the editing experience is most problematic? Is it the typing?

    Thanks again for your feedback @angelxube!

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