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  • So i thought i was clever enough to change my wordpress directory from to . I was mistaken- very, very mistaken.

    I have ftp’ed my archived folder to my server but when i try to go to my admin.php page, i get this: Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘.’ in /home/content/s/t/u/stumbleson/html/blog/wordpress/wp-includes/user.php on line 244

    in user.php , line 244 had this: ‘show_option_all’../../../journal/wordpress/wp-includes/ => ”, ‘show_option_none’../../../journal/wordpress/wp-includes/ => ”,

    So i simply changed it to the syntax it should have had before i broke it: ‘show_option_all’../../../blog/wordpress/wp-includes/ => ”, ‘show_option_none’../../../blog/wordpress/wp-includes/ => ”,

    Unfortunately it didn’t work.

    Is there a file i should be editing instead? Since my site is hosted, i can’t see my .htaccess file.

    I do not know what version i am running. I think it’s 2.51 but i have no way to be sure right now.

    I am so kicking myself. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    thank you for your thoughts,

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  • nevermind.

    i just nuked the entire site, scorched the database and started over. problem solved.

    oh well.

    Hopefully, this time you will take a few minutes to read the faq in the Codex on “moving your WP url”.

    It sounds to me like you just didn’t update the database for the new URL.

    If you saved your old database, you could still fix it…

    But you should always do a complete file backup and database backup before something as potentially dangerous as moving the whole site.

    Well gosh Saurus, i don’t mean to be snide here but given that i’ve been “playing” on the Internet since the days when all we had was a bash prompt at a dial up, and our editors were vi, emacs or pico and you had to cat your nntp attachments manually if you wanted to d/l any sort of binary (not to mention TRN or TIN), i’d say i’m relatively comfortable with reading something like how to move my WP url.

    And clearly i made a mistake which is why i posted here. Unfortunately after two and a half days (or maybe it was three), and no responses, i decided to start from scratch. Believe me, i’m no slouch with these sorts of things; especially since i’ve been writing html for the better part of ten years, i know a bit about mysql and can weasel through some php when i need to.

    So please take this as i mean it, but you were 3 days late and when you finally arrived, you were of absolutely no help whatsoever. I hope your demeanor is a bit more considerate and professional to others.

    StrangeAttractor- You might be right. Unfortunately there’s no way i can second guess myself. I did export my entries into an .odt document, which means there’ll be a lot of cutting and pasting eventually, but at least i have <b>something</b> to work with.

    Thank you,





    especially since i’ve been writing html for the better part of ten years

    deprecated. yah.

    Well gosh Saurus…

    frankly, none of that matters. there are doctors on this forum, did you know that? they dont read stuff either. of course they dont come back and blow their own horn when theyre reminded to do so.

    just an fyi, we oldtimers, those of us that understand the reason WHY remarks like his are/were made .. we stick together, like glue. It comes from having walked in each others shoes.. 😛

    yeah. i’m still not used to em. point taken, though.

    I guess I could have pointed out that I’ve been doing all this since the DOS days myself, but to what end. You admit you screwed up. You didn’t, however, mention you read anything in the Codex about moving URL’s for WP – and that is something that has no relation to how long you or I have been playing computer geek. There is a procedure to follow. You didn’t follow it, likely because with your vast experience you considered it beneath your level. Surprise!

    I do find it difficult to believe someone with your vast experience in all things computer would say you can’t see your .htaccess file because you are on a hosted account. I would venture to say we ALL (99.9% anyway) are – yet I can see and access my .htaccess file just fine. Interesting, huh?

    Whatever – if you choose to take offense at what I reminded you of – which was AFTER you blew off your site …. I can live with that.

    Sauron, I probably deserve some scorn. And i have a mouth that launched a thousand slaps at times. Add to it a good dose of frustration and give me a keyboard and i can be pretty snarky.

    Just to add to the information, i’ve never had to access my .htaccess file. Due to finances more than anything, i have my stuff hosted at godaddy. Yeah, it’s dogfood but the price is good and i can call them at 2am and they answer (yes, i’ve called them at 2am). Looking back, i don’t think the problem was with the .htaccess, but i have no way to tell now.

    After two and a half, nearly three days, i just decided to export some tables then wipe the slate clean. It had nothing to do with thinking something was “beneath” me; it was impatience and frustration.

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