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  • In trying to “correct” a problem to gain access to administration page, I attempted a fix from a forum thread. I entered through the website and went to functions.php. Didn’t seem to work and after undoing the fix, on refresh I get:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare require_wp_db() (previously declared in /home/content/a/i/s/aiscorporate/html/blog/wp-includes/load.php:327) in /home/content/a/i/s/aiscorporate/html/blog/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3090

    Can’t access anything…HELP

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  • Sounds like maybe you edited the wrong functions.php file? Usually when there’s discussion of editing functions.php it’s the one in /wp-content/themes/YOUR-CURRENT-THEME/. If you edited a file within /wp-includes that’s the wrong one. A possible fix would be to download the latest version of WordPress to your desktop and re-upload the files in wp-includes via FTP.

    If you were indeed editing the functions.php within your theme folder, then please post the current contents of that file so we can check it out. Thanks!

    Ok…attempting to upload the new wp-includes file…..

    Well…some progress. I can actually see the blog home page. There is a warning though. and my “Insurance Matters” text is no longer formatted.

    You mentioned you started this process because of issues logging into WordPress’s control panel, so it may be that you didn’t have a clean installation before? Try uploading clean/new versions of the files in /wp-admin as well.

    The last thing to ensure you have everything new is to re-upload the files in the root of your WordPress installation, but when you do that be sure to NOT overwrite/replace wp-config.php. (I’d make a backup of everything).

    Hmmm…novice on this stuff.

    Can I back up from local root folder or off of server? Obviously I don’t want to lose content.

    I usually connect via FTP and download a few key files: from the root, wp-config.php and .htaccess (if you can see it), and my current them from /wp-content/themes. That way if you accidentally delete something you can re-upload those files.

    You can also make a backup of your database, which is where your content is stored, but for what we’re doing right here you’re probably okay with just the files right now.

    Connect via FTP …is that the same as downloading through Dreamweaver connection?

    I’m not familiar with how Dreamweaver connections work but I’d guess so? I usually use the FileZilla client. But if you’re used to Dreamweaver and know how to download a file from the server and save it somewhere on your hard drive, that should work fine.

    ok. trying to figure out how to get /wp-content/themes. It is a folder with many sub folders. Can’t remember if this is Morning after or twenty something…

    If I just copy my local root folder, would that suffice. Also, where do I find database that contain articles?

    I think you’re okay if you copy your local folder, but do make sure to get/save a copy of wp-config.php from the server before you upload anything.

    Start by doing just what you did when you uploaded wp-includes, but do it for wp-admin this time.

    If that fixes things, great! If not, you’ll need to re-upload the stuff in the root of WordPress (except for wp-config.php and .htaccess).

    Your database is usually accessible via your web host’s Cpanel or something similar.

    Nothing changed after adding new wp-admin. Still have warning. So now I should try a complete replacement except for wp-config.php and .htaccess…??? How do I preserve articles?

    Now upload just the files in the root of your WordPress install, EXCEPT for wp-config.php.

    They’re going to be files like wp-activate.php, wp-blog-header.php etc.

    All your articles are in your database, which we’re not touching so they shouldn’t be affected.

    and what about .htaccess

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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