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  • I’m really hoping the right person out there in the WP community reads this:

    I’ve spent 2 weeks migrating our blog with over 5,000 posts from MT to WP 2.5 only to find out that I can’t batch publish posts? In fact there’s not batching of any kind. I have to publish each one individually. Please tell me this isn’t true as there must be a hack for this. The posts are technically published, but IE 6 and 7 doesn’t see the permalinks until I publish the post again.

    Thanks a million,

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  • Didn’t you just posted the same question?

    Do you mean by posting the existing ones (from MT) or new ones?

    The existing ones from MT (over 5,000 entries that I imported).

    They imported fine, they’re published, but IE doesn’t see the individual pages until I re-publish them.

    Any tricks that you know of?

    What do you mean by not showing up in IE?
    Any link(s)?

    I ran into the same problem when importing several blogs from Movable Type into WordPress 2.5. The posts display on the main page of the blog as if they’re published, but they don’t display as individual posts (permalinks don’t work). This only occurs in IE 6 and 7.

    In the “Manage Posts” section the imported posts don’t display as published or unpublished. To make them display in IE 6 and 7 you have to go into each entry and hit publish even though the post is technically published. What 3eamus and I are looking for is a way to batch publish entries so that we don’t have to publish thousands of posts one by one.

    Okay. I just figured this out. You can fix everything with access to your MySQL database and one easy command.

    1. Choose the database where your WP blog is living (mysql> use [database_name_here];)
    2. Change the post status on all posts to publish (mysql> update wp_posts set post_status = ‘publish’;)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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