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  • Greetings!
    I’m having trouble setting up the contact form as I want to. If there’s anyone patient enough to explain or give me examples, I would really appreciate.

    So basically, I want my contact form to look like this:

    Your name (required): – inserts his name

    Your email (required): – inserts his email address

    Your subject (required): – here I want to make a drop down with some types of subjects (ex. Question, Suggestion, Complaint, Appreciation, Link Exchange, Other)

    Your message (required): – writes his message to me

    Attachment (optional): – I want people to be able to attach files (word documents, pictures, pdf, etc, up to 10mb or the yahoo mail attachment limit)

    Verification (required): – a captcha

    Send (required): – send button

    I want to receive the email at my yahoo e-mail address. How/where can I add my address where the e-mails come?

    When the email arrives, I want to be able to see it everything the user has compelted in the form, including the subject he has selected and the attachment.

    Really, I would totally appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    Here’s an example contact form code you can use. First, login to your site and go to Contact > Add new form, then paste the following code below.

    [text* YourName]<p>Your Name (required)
    [text* your-name] </p>

    <p>Your Email (required)
    [email* your-email] </p>

    [select* your-subject “Question” “Suggestion” “Complaint” “Appreciation” “Link Exchange” “Other”]</p>

    <p>Your Message
    [textarea* your-message] </p>

    <p>Attachment (Optional)
    [file your-file] </p>


    <p>[submit “Send”]</p>

    To add your email address, click on the Mail tab under the contact form edit page, you should see there the option for your email address. See screenshot for example or see Setting Up Mail.

    Please be advised, that it might not work if your host does not allow emails to be sent from other addresses.

    Anyway, after you have done the steps above, save the contact form and copy the Contact form ID and add it on your page.

    Hope that helps.



    First of all, thank you.

    I’ve set up the things, but I don’t have an e-mail set up on my hosting. I want to use my yahoo mail. Is that possible?

    Also, the reCapcha doesn’t work. It shows me the picture, I insert the code but it appears another picture after that. It probably doesn’t recognize my code.

    Also, is it possible that people can be notified after they sent the e-mail, that their message has been sent?


    You’re welcome! Please find below the answers to your queries.

    1. There is a general problem with Yahoo email addresses in Contact Form 7 forms (and lots of other applications) due to changes made by Yahoo to their DMARC security policy. See Yahoo DMARC Issue for more information.

    2. I am not 100% sure, on what you meant by your reCaptcha image. It should look like this though

    For me to check what is on your site, can you provide the URL of your form please?

    3. Yes, this is possible. You can use Mail 2 settings for this. Simply check the “Use mail (2)” box in your form configuration panel. Here’s a screenshot on where to see the Mail 2 option

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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