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    The scanner on their site definitely helped find a nasty malware added to the database where other scanners couldn’t find anything when I used it on different site. On another site I thought I would try the free plugin. Even after reading the negative reviews I gave it a shot. The other reviews were right though… it crashed the service “cpanel_php_fpm” and effect all other sites on our server. After scanning once it automatically started “re-scanning” with errors outputting on every file it scanned. Another issue was you couldn’t terminate the scan, you had to reload the page and wait for things to stabilize before the site was even accessible. Don’t know if the paid plugin is better but… I’ll stick to their online scanner if the need arises again. I honestly wish the best to the developer, that was just my experience with the free plugin.

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    Thank you for the review and glad our software was able to detect the infection.

    Malware scanning is a CPU intensive process. There’s a slider which can be timed to scan lesser number of files to keep the load low.

    Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll implement a stop / pause button in the next version. Thank you again for using our software.

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