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  • All I can say, is. Wow, they’ve come a long way!

    My original experience with this plug-in was bleak. Yoast had too many options and assumptions of what someone might know about SEO. Also language and humor seemed to be enemies of clarity.

    I decided to look at this plug-in when a competitor’s website kept outranking me in google and saw that they were using Yoast – I was using All In One SEO. So I gave it a shot.

    Now I know more about SEO, and the interface has improved – so many fewer options and so much clearer about whether you’re activating it and what you can expect it to do. Not only that, but my rankings are slowly improving.

    I definitely recommend anyone who had previously scoffed at this plug-in to try it again.

    You’ll be VERY pleasantly surprised. I was!



    —————- here is my original 1-star review————————
    I spent about two weeks trying to get this plug-in to work. No matter what I did the sitemaps were barfed-up and rejected by google.

    The interface IS confusing. The author tries to be comical or ironic with some of the selections – so when you read a description next to the check-box your’re left wondering “sooo… should I check it or not?”

    I’ve used plug-ins by non-English native speakers (Newsletter by Satollo is a great example) that are absolutely brilliant and clearly written and work straight out of the box.

    I recommend the plug-in author take a look at all of the selected options, group them in a way that makes sense, and remove all of the jokes from the interface (they are not funny) and work on a solid plug-in that works for most people most of the time with pre-sets that won’t ruin your SEO if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Good luck, and I hope to see newer, better, version. I still need SEO help – but it looks like this plugin is not for me.

    Kudos to those who were able to make it work DESPITE the bugs and interface.

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  • Hello @pazzaglia1, could you share with us what exactly you could not get to work on your website while trying to set this plugin?

    Kind and warm regards

    I mentioned what didn’t work at the beginning of my review. The sitemaps were visible to the naked eye but something about their format made Google Webmaster Tools not want to accept them.

    Also, I could not figure out which options did what. Sometimes the description of the option wasn’t clear if checking the box meant that you DID or DID NOT want that option to be activated.



    P.S. I looked in and posted in the support forums about the sitemaps problem and a kind soul not affiliated with the plug-in tried to help but to no avail. This plug-in is too popular for the developer to support.

    After two weeks of moving my website to a whole new platform (from blogger to wordpress) which meant everything had a new URL and no sitemaps or support, I had to give up on this plug-in.

    Now I’m using AllInOne SEO – it’s not as comprehensive as Yoast (no options to add a footer on the RSS, for example) but 1. the sitemaps worked immediately and 2. The interface was easy to understand.

    Hello pazzaglia1, I am sorry to hear of your bad experience using this plugin. May I ask you if you also checked and set up correctly your permalinks in WordPress? If they are not set up correctly that can also cause problems with the sitemap settings. You can also check Yoast plugin instructions if you have not already done so.

    If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

    Kind regards

    I added a PS to my message while you were typing your response. Yes, tried about three different things – including permalinks, ect. No avail!

    Thanks for your note.



    Hello pazzaglia1, I am happy to know that you opted for another plugin that is working for you. The end result is to have a plugin that works for you and help your website function the way it was intended.

    Kind and warm regards

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