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  • So me and my friend has a site running. He purchased a theme from site called It is those kind of sites which provide website template to people and allow them to just put in pictures and content. But I told him WP is much better, it is customizable, etc.

    So I worked on a WordPress site on the local server, in case I failed it.
    And now I have it ready, it doesn’t take a lot of time. But I am now having trouble to transfer my site it. It doesn’t matter if I need to do it once again on the real WP.

    I got godaddy as my domain host. I have the login info, so what next? I do not know where to start with. And how do I do backup and stuff, etc. I am so so so confused. Spent hours on research and still cant figure it out. I am not a computer guy, can someone help?

    Thanks! Appreciate!

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  • ok so read this page

    what you need to do is upload your files
    and create a database on your host
    then import that database

    then you need to change the siteurl and wordpress url
    I suggest you do that by the wp-config.php option
    you can find on the page of the link i posted above

    Hi Jumbo Clicks,

    Thanks for your reply. I have read that page and other pages, but I still cant figure out what to do.

    Okay, so the website now is running under a html website builder called or I cannot find the domain name in my godaddy hosting panel. So I guess it is not exist.

    So should I add the domain name into the hosting panel? If yes, how? And should I delete the account with the website builder once I finish the WordPress site?

    I only know hosting is like a server, a database. But it is not exist, so I guess I need to create one.

    But I am really confusing and frustrated. No website building experience before.

    Thanks for your help man!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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