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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been struggling to get email notification to work on my site. I use Buddyforms and Custom Post Types to allow users to create posts from the frontend, but since I never got email notifications when new posts were added and sent for moderation through the Buddyform system (and never a reply on my support ticket) I figured I’d try other solutions. I ended up with Post Status Notifier Lite, and it is probably the best one so far, so great job!

    However, I am struggling to get this system to work as well.. I’ve cleared cache and disabled my caching plugin just to see if it was causing the issue. I ended up trying “all post types” with both status before and status after set to “anything” just to see if I actually got something.. I created a post on the frontend, submitted for moderation, but nothing happened.. I then trashed the post, and low and behold, an email came through! Why am I not getting emails when the posts are created and submitted? It’s like there’s no status change until they’re “trashed”..

    What to do?


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  • I just tested with a normal page in the backend. I changed it from draft to published, and nothig happened. I then trashed it, and another email came through.. That makes no sense to me, as the notifier is set up to detect every status change in every post type..

    EDIT: After some further testing the email notification does work flwalessly on any status change on pages in the backend.. But it still won’t work for posts added through the frontend..

    Okay.. So the email notification does not work for anything published or trashed on the frontend, the posts have to be trashed in the backend. It also does not work if you change post or page status through Quick Edit in the backend for some reason..

    Hi @idlewanderer,

    we answer every support ticket. I just checked the ticket system and have not seen any ticket with your username.

    If you have any issue with BuddyForms, please write us a ticket.

    You can also find help buttons in the BuddyForms settings page.


    Thanks for your reply Sven!

    I sent in a ticket two days ago and one yesterday under my real name Håvard Rosenlund. I know I can’t always expect a reply this soon, but I have a lot of work to be done, and this email notification thing is holding me back a lot… Which means I’m slightly desperate to get things sorted. This is why I am looking at other options for that aspect.

    You can almost ignore the first ticket I sent in, as I figured most of it out myself, but not the latter part where the rich text editor malfunctions (TinyMCE buttons are gone and text in the email content section ends up invisible).

    Should I write a new ticket, or can you find the ones I’ve sent in? With it being Easter and all, I wasn’t sure I’d get any replies this week at all.. That’s also part of the reason that I’m trying out other options at this time.

    yah, sorry for the delay. We have easter holiday and I was a bit slow. But I have answered all tickets now.

    No worries! Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve responded to both now.

    Hi all,

    I managed to solve the issue! So no need to check it out Sven. You can close the tikcet I have at your site. Thanks for trying to help me out 🙂

    I came across a similar case a year ago while searching online and the solution was to download and activate the pugin WP Mail SMTP. I just added a litte bit of info in its settings to set up an SMTP and made sure it was set to “Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.” Everything now works as it should! It integrated nicely with the other plugins and the correct emails are sent at the right time.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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