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  • Same here now…

    Magically, the auto-post issue I was crying about all this while, is now working. But my account is not linked so I am not earning … 🙁

    And viola! Again magic, the Account link has appeared after two days of absence!

    Plugin Author grabmedia


    Thank you for your posts. A number of bug fixes have been added to the GrabPress plugin recently. Can you confirm if you are still experiencing the missing account section issue described above or whether it has been resolved?

    If the issue still persists, please can you let us know the versions of WordPress and GrabPress that you are using, and we will start to investigate further.

    Many Thanks

    Plugin Author grabmedia


    @eeb, apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this issue. After digging into this menu problem, it turns out the bug has nothing to do with GrabPress, but rather with a bug in the WordPress core files.

    One of the reasons it went unresolved for so long is because our QA team couldn’t replicate the bug – it wasn’t until one of our publishers sent us some screenshots, and told us what themes they were using (default WP themes), that we were finally able to reproduce this issue.

    We submitted this bug to WordPress Trac on April 7, 2014.

    We also submitted a fix for this bug, so you’re welcome to download the file and apply this to your WordPress core directory. It’s a very small CSS edit. Here are some more details.

    The Screen Options menu at the top of the WordPress admin dashboard becomes unusable, and the form elements appear hidden. Reproducing this issue was difficult to track, mainly because it just depends on when other CSS files conflict with it (which can be many). It leaves the ‘.hidden’ class out there to potentially conflict against any other CSS file in the environment that uses the ‘visibility:hidden’ property instead of or in addition to ‘display:none’

    In the PHP file where the original state of the HTML for the screen options UI that is experiencing the issue is formed you’ll see that the class=”hidden” is present.
    wp-admin/includes/screen.php (line 917)

    <div id="screen-options-wrap" class="hidden" tabindex="-1" aria-label="<?php esc_attr_e('Screen Options Tab'); ?>">

    They have this class tied up to the following CSS: wp-admin/css/wp-admin.css (line 234 thru 243)

    .js .closed .inside,
    .js .hide-if-js,
    .no-js .hide-if-no-js,
    .js.wp-core-ui .hide-if-js,
    .js .wp-core-ui .hide-if-js,
    .no-js.wp-core-ui .hide-if-no-js,
    .no-js .wp-core-ui .hide-if-no-js {
    	display: none;

    So you can see that the ‘.hidden’ class (along with several others) has the property ‘display: none;’. This is perfectly fine and normal if they plan to toggle on and off the ‘.hidden’ class from the element. However they instead make use of jQuery’s ‘show()’ and ‘hide()’ methods and leave the ‘hidden’ class.
    wp-admin/js/common.js (lines 99 thru 143)

    screenMeta = {
    	element: null, // #screen-meta
    	toggles: null, // .screen-meta-toggle
    	page:    null, // #wpcontent
    	init: function() {
    		this.element = $('#screen-meta');
    		this.toggles = $('.screen-meta-toggle a');    = $('#wpcontent');
  this.toggleEvent );
    	toggleEvent: function( e ) {
    		var panel = $( this.href.replace(/.+#/, '#') );
    		if ( !panel.length )
    		if (':visible') )
    			screenMeta.close( panel, $(this) );
    		else panel, $(this) );
    	open: function( panel, link ) {
    		$('.screen-meta-toggle').not( link.parent() ).css('visibility', 'hidden');
    		panel.slideDown( 'fast', function() {
    			link.addClass('screen-meta-active').attr('aria-expanded', true);
    	close: function( panel, link ) {
    		panel.slideUp( 'fast', function() {
    			link.removeClass('screen-meta-active').attr('aria-expanded', false);
    			$('.screen-meta-toggle').css('visibility', '');

    The use of these methods is also okay. The ‘show()’ and ‘hide()’ methods toggle the element’s display value between ‘display:none’ and ‘display:block’. The issue here is that WP used the ‘.hidden’ class to set the default display state and then use the Jquery toggle methods to adjust on the fly. However, this leaves the ‘.hidden’ class out there to snag itself in conflict against any CSS at play that uses the ‘visibility:hidden’ property instead of or in addition to ‘display:none’. Twitter Bootstrap for example, which GrabPress uses and is widely used across the web has the following declaration for ‘.hidden’:

    .hidden {
      display: none;
      visibility: hidden;

    So my recommendation to WP would be to have their JavaScript toggle on/off the class ‘hidden’ from the element rather than leaving it there. To have ‘hidden’ on a unhidden element just makes no sense, even semantically speaking. It might also be good for them to toggle both the ‘display’ property and the ‘visibility’ property of the element.

    @csine, I don’t think you should have any issues linking your account now. This was not a GrabPress bug, but rather a dependency (API key was temporarily disabled) we had on our GrabPress backend service, Autoposter – with a 3rd party API integration. Autoposter has been updated to no longer have this dependency. For more information, you can check this thread:

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