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  • Before I get too far into this, I need to ask:

    There are elements of WordPress I really don’t want like, RSS, XFN, Valid XHTML, Comments RSS over in the SideBar. Just playing with the default template and trying a few others at this point. In fact there are many pages where I just want content and don’t necessarily need to solicit comments from readers, no TrackBacks, RSS etc. Just don’t need ’em. And, a majority of the stock templates (boy, there sure are a lot!) are providing a display of two (2) “Home” tabs/links at the top. Haven’t figured out why but I only need one, so…

    Right now, at my very beginning learning stage, I just want to know if I’ll be able to remove those Template/Theme elements sometime down the line once I’ve given WP documentation a good read through of the instructions. That SideBar, Header, Footer should be completely and totally editable using <some> process which I hopefully will learn about, right? Same should be true for the main body or page, right?

    Yes, I’m selfish! I don’t want to devote a huge amount of time to WP only find out later that these elements are somehow set in stone and can’t be removed or editted out.

    Am I one the right track in my thinking?

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  • Probably – yes/yes/yes – and yes I think you can do all that and more.



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    You can layout your pages (using themes) to be as complex or as simple as you like (assuming that you are suitably proficient in php/html). None of the elements you mention have to remain.

    My thanks to you both. Off to read some more…


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