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  • I need to move my blog which is now a sub domain to a new server where it will be the top level domain.Is there a tutorial on how to do this somewhere?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • I moved my blog but now I cannot access the admin panel because when I click the link it goes back to the address of my old blog.

    Any idea what i did wrong?

    Thanks 🙂

    You’ll probably need to access the database through phpmyadmin, and change the old address in the wp-options table to the new one. See here: – podz’s tutorials are the best!

    Maybe this linky will helpy lol. =) Pretty sure it’s the one.


    vkaryl, ya beat me to it lmao!

    *snicker* Beat ya!

    Hahaha.. =) Well, atleast we both provided the same links to Bhoney lol. That’s a good thing.. =) Reminds me, better bookmark his site now, didn’t before. I just had grabbed it off the Codex, because I was over there originally hehe. =)


    Funny how I fix stuff seconds after I post asking for help.. hehe

    Thank you V and spercp for all your help.

    Podz too a great tutorial 🙂

    Edited* Ok, no problem. =) Glad you got it working now. =) Don’t worry, I tend to do the same thing sometimes lol..

    /* Ignore
    Are you sure you have the cache directory there in place like before? If not, create one and then make it writable. Should be ok then I guess.. **/


    Podz tutorial said I had to empty everything out of the cache directory, so now mine is empty.I was gonna post about that too because quite a lot of important looking stuff was in there.

    I actually came back to post about my redirectify plugin which isn’t working as it did before.Now when a redirected link is clicked on, instead of it going directly to the site it goes to a page that says “The document has moved here.Is this how my new host does things or what?

    Thanks 🙂

    I’m not really sure about that redirectify plugin. And I’m not sure if even this comment of mine here will help ya either.. (crosses fingers and hopes..)


    No, don’t think that is it.

    I created a Forum page that when clicked on is suppose to lead to my forum but instead it takes me to a page just like this:

    This site belongs to the author of the plugin.

    Oh, ok.. I had tried to Edit that post above quick, but it said it was too old.. =( So it was too late apparently..or I just wasn’t fast enough.. :/

    So you have created a Forum page before, and now you’re being redirected to that page. Have you made that actual Forum page again, and have it working ok then to, since the move?

    Maybe some where in the template files or even DB you might be able to edit that link’s location to the new location then maybe? I’m not sure though.. :/


    Thank you for your time and assistnce spencer:)

    Maybe someone else will know what’s wrong.I thought it would be a permalink issue or something but it appears to be working the exact same way on the author’s site.

    No problem Bhoney. =) Yeah, I’m sure someone else out there will know more about that issue then me. =) I’m learning though, or trying to haha.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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