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  • I just can’t figure out my installation problem and i needed to have this blog installed 3 days ago.

    If you are a good programmer who can help me install this script and would like to be paid for your time please contact me.





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  • if you are interested in installing… also take a look at my problem and if you feel comfortable trouble shooting that would be great 🙂

    here is the problem:

    I did a Google search about the preg_match() issue and a lot of the forum posters from many different places seemed to indicate that this may be a problem with you host. It could be that some upgrades of some kind were done and it resulted in a similar problem with many people.

    Please check with your host and indicate that you are having this problem to see if they can offer any assistance. Do report back and let us know your results.

    my host knows nothing. i’ll never get this thing installed 🙁

    your host should know something, they are your hosts after all – is this a free host or one you’re paying for? If you’re paying for it and they’re not helping you, my advice would be to switch hosts if you possibly can.

    I have great service from my host,


    I figured out why!

    I am a tech for – a web hosting company.

    Recently we installed phpsuexec (which helps to secure a lot of things in apache) and then we started to get these errors described.

    with phpsuexec you cannot have a file chmodded to 777 and all .htaccess files that contain certain things must be renamed to php.ini

    More and more hosts are using this phpsuexec to keep spammers from spamming. Since we installed it, we can control how much email spammers send out and block them before they even get 1000 emails out. (rather then 20000+)

    Either way, I’ve been working on a solution for a while but still no luck. 🙂 Cya.

    So, does anybody hire out WordPress installation services?

    Well a lot of guys do. In the case above they might be reluctant to take on a server side issue of that nature. Straight installs and borkage can normally be done by a volunteert if you are lucky. But why not start your own thread. ?

    Guess I didn’t start a new thread ’cause I never saw anybody really answer the question. Didn’t mean to offend you by not starting a new thread. I’ll do better next time.

    No offence taken I just meant you might get a better response. If you add a few details, put in yr email addy, indicate time table, special requests, server info, plugins needed, hacks if any. Hint as to budget. Design requirements. Theme or Custom? Useability / Accessibilty spec. PHP needed? Browser compliance etc. That way the pros know what they are getting into.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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