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  • Hi –

    I’m looking to hire a wordpress developer to help create a new site. Pay will be competitive and dependant on experience.

    This project will have complete and detailed functional specs.

    Please email me at if you’re interested or know a qualified developer. If you have an online portfolio, please email links. Please also describe your experience and qualifications (or include a resume).

    I’m a nice guy to work for and I know a lot about wordpress. I just don’t have time to do this and I’m not a guru…

    For a rough idea of our goals, here are some very rough specs (upon signing a contract I’ll provide much more detailed specs, graphics, etc):

    – Site should be based on a simple 2 column layout with a flash header (flash is already designed, as well as entire color scheme and other images).

    – Site will have custom advanced searching functionality (nothing that can be done with the “Advanced Search” plugin). For the search page itself, we’d like to do the following:

    – Have one section of checkboxes that allows users to check off the categories to search by (all category checkboxes in this section will be related to one parent category).

    – Have a section with 4 dropdown menus. Each dropdown menu is related to a parent category and the options within the dropdown are categories underneath that parent category.

    – Users should be able to search by any combination of checkboxes and selections in dropdown menus. Note: users will not actually enter a search term.

    – Results will show posts related to any of the categories selected in checkboxes or dropdowns.

    – Results will be displayed in a specific custom format that includes the categories, a description and several descriptive custom fields (this information will be present for each result/post).

    – Users should be able to “submit a question”. “Questions” aren’t necessarily linked to any post (so I’m not sure if this is actually a comment). Each question should have some associated fields with it (fields that describe the user submitting the question, such as email, name, city/state, etc). Information from these fields should be stored along with the question. A moderator should be able to approve or deny these questions for public viewing. Once approved, all questions should appear on a page (not necessarily related to a specific post). Note – this could be done with comments and some custom comment fields, however there would have to be a way to show all comments for all posts (so there could be one page with all comments… like an FAQ, for example).

    – Right hand column should have a “poll” in it that can be maintained and updated without a developer (could use a plugin for this, most likely). After voting, a user should see the poll results.

    – site should be compatible with all major browsers.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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