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  • …so I’ve been researching this and I am very confused about what I need to do. I think most of the articles I read are about localizing WordPress itself (i.e.. the admin) which I don’t want to do… the admin needs to be in english. What I need to do is display content written in Bangla, with a Bangla font.

    Here’s what I’ve done:

    1. uploaded two Bangla fonts the client gave me (Kalpurush’ and ‘Boishakhi’), converted them to web fonts and linked them using @font-face declaration.

    2. I created a directory in /wp_includes called /languages and uploaded ‘’ that I found online. I also just realized there is a /languages directory in my theme folder (I’m using Structure, a free theme) with ‘’ in it, so maybe I should (also? instead?) put ‘’ in there. I have no idea if i need a ‘bn_BD.po’ file or how to create one.

    3. I tried defining define('WPLANG', 'bn_BD'); in the wp_config.php file but that made the whole admin in Bangla so that’s no good.

    4. I cut and pasted some Bangla text my client sent me into a page and styled it.

    Here’s the thing… I can see the text show up perfectly on my end, (and I don’t have the fonts installed on my system) my client’s associate sees the text fine, but my client herself (using firefox) is seeing ascii gibberish.

    Does anybody have any experience with this? Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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