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  • I am using WP e-commerce Version with WordPress 3.3.1.
    My website is http://www.greenhillsoaps.

    I am working on my checkout page.

    At the top of the page is the content of the shopping cart. I have found a way to sum the totals in the cart. In wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/cart.class.php I found a range of functions that control how the shopping cart works. One of these functions is as follows:

    function wpsc_cart_total_widget( $shipping = true, $tax = true, $coupons = true ) {
       global $wpsc_cart;
       $total = $wpsc_cart->calculate_subtotal();
       if ( $shipping ) {
          $total += $wpsc_cart->calculate_total_shipping();
       if ( $tax && wpsc_tax_isincluded() == false ) {
          $total += $wpsc_cart->calculate_total_tax();
       if ( $coupons ) {
          $total -= $wpsc_cart->coupons_amount;
       if ( get_option( 'add_plustax' ) == 1 ) {
          return wpsc_currency_display( $wpsc_cart->calculate_subtotal() );
       } else {
          return wpsc_currency_display( $total );

    By including this function with all the terms set to false, I was able to get a total of the purchases in the cart. I then found the function for the tax calculation. That function is:

    function wpsc_cart_tax($forDisplay = true) {
       global $wpsc_cart;
           if(wpsc_tax_isincluded() == false){
             return wpsc_currency_display($wpsc_cart->calculate_total_tax());
             return '(' . wpsc_currency_display($wpsc_cart->calculate_total_tax()) . ')';
          return $wpsc_cart->calculate_total_tax();

    I then took the first function and added it to a line with the terms set to false, false, true and the result was the sum of the first two. So the beginning of the checkout looks somewhat like this:

    Please review your order
    Product Quantity Price Total
    No Image Arabian Magic $8.50 $8.50
    Citrus Sunshine Citrus Sunshine $8.00 $8.00
    Honey Bee Bar Honey Bee Bar $8.00 $8.00
    Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge $7.75 $7.75
    Order Total $32.25
    Tax $2.38
    Order Total Before Shipping $34.63

    Order Total is computed with the widget set as follows:

    <?php echo wpsc_cart_total_widget(false,false,false);?>

    Order Total Before Shipping is computed with the widget set this way:

    <?php echo wpsc_cart_total_widget(false,false,true); ?>

    This results is the correct total for the cart + taxes, before shipping costs.

    The customer then calculates the shipping and chooses the best rate.
    In this instance the shipping costs are $5.30.
    So the total purchase, including shipping should be $39.93.

    They enter their bill to and ship to information.
    And at the bottom of the page just before purchase is the following:

    Review and purchase
    Order Total: $34.63
    Total Shipping: $5.30
    Purchase Total $34.63

    What I did was use the cart widget and changed the settings. So the code for order total is:

    <?php echo wpsc_cart_total_widget(false,false,true); ?>

    Then the code for the shipping is from the shipping calculation and it is as follows:

    <?php if(wpsc_uses_shipping()) : ?>
    	       <tr class="total_price total_shipping">
    	         <td class='wpsc_totals'>
    	            <?php _e('Total Shipping', 'wpsc'); ?>:
    	         <td class='wpsc_totals'>
    	            <span id="checkout_shipping" class="pricedisplay checkout-shipping"><?php setlocale(LC_MONETARY, "en_US"); echo "$".number_format(wpsc_shipping_quote_value(true), 2, '.', ','); ?></span>
    <?php endif; ?>

    I had to change the last piece of this so it would compute and display properly. So the section begining with <?php setlocale(LC_MONETARY….. is my change. However, it does compute the shipping correctly.

    Then to sum these two amounts, my final piece of code is as follows:

    <tr class="order_total_price">
    	            <td class='text-order-total'>
    	               <span id="purchase_total" class="pricedisplay order-total"><?php echo('Purchase Total'); ?></span>
    	             <td id=currency-purchaser-total colspan="3">
    	               <span id='purchase_total' class="pricedisplay checkout-total"><?php echo wpsc_cart_total_widget(); ?></span>

    note that the cart total widget has no values in it. If I put what I would have expected (true, true, true) I get the $39.93. But this changes the order total from $34.63 to $39.93, both here at the bottom of the check out and at the top by the cart.

    Clearly I am doing something wrong. I really would like some help with this. I can post the whole PHP file for the cart if that would help. I think there should be a simple what to add the two values produced by the PHP function and display them as the purchase total. But how to do that has successfully evaded me.


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