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  • If anyone of you guys wants to make my ideas come 2 life, as derivative work of one [or more] free themes, please let me know.

    I really need re-coding for my wp site, because wp-theme does not
    look as css/xhtml template does. Maybe because it’s impossible, but
    I’d like 2 check it out with someone who has more knowledge, if that’s
    right, or not.

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  • Come again?

    There is one css /xthml template which is free, and by it someone made a theme, which is
    different from original template. I wish it to be modified so it would look like original template.

    Can you provide example URL’s?




    Here is css template –
    and here is wp theme –

    I’d like theme 2 match css template entirely.


    I am slightly confused on what you are wanting.. but here is are links to download BOTH Themes.



    I need wordpress theme – which is called DEEP BLUE – to entirely match css template from which it is made of.

    That’s what I need. How in the world did I not make myself clear.

    You can see by a screenshot that left side of it looks much different.

    Woah now, let’s not get testy! Remember, you are basically asking for somebody to do free work for you…

    Are you referring to the difference of the actual site versus the screenshot of the Deep Blue theme? If so, then yes, I guess I see a few differences, such as a different typeface and colors, but other than that, I think it’s pretty close. Is that what you are trying to get at?

    If so, you can either go into the theme files themselves and edit them (in the case of this theme, which is advanced, you will want to edit style.php, but be careful and make sure you know PHP), but actually I took a look at it, and you can change the colors and font yourself by going to Design > Current Theme Options after having activated Deep Blue to change it. Nice!

    We’d love to help you, but please remember that you are getting free help, and if people are confused, maybe you could take the time to explain yourself more fully, include more details. Let us know if we are on the right track.



    uplink, real problem I’m facing is that when I download wp theme it doesn’t look like it is on test page. On left side posts are displayed just in 2 columns, and first one – which is wide, is never shown. That’s the main thing I’d like to be fixed, just don’t know how.



    – just compare This with their demo.

    I don’t get how – the theme downloaded from their site does not match their demo entirely.



    hmmm… try to to overwrite the Main Index Template (which is the index.php) with the Page Template (which is the page.php)…. just try.. if still doest work.. it really need a recoding..



    nope. it doesn’t work. that way I only get one colon, not 2.
    so, yes, it needs some recoding. anyone interested???

    please guys. help me out.



    OK. never mind. I’ve found out what’s wrong. It was my mistake all the time.
    Forgot to create Featured category.

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