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I need some help. Today if possible, to track a problem

  • I am have problems with the loading times of my website, part of it is html and the other is WordPress. I have run tests from my location,near Munich in Germany, and it is slow. Visitors have reported long loading times, but the hosting company has done tests, and states it loads fast for them.

    What I would like is, a selection of people based in a number of countries to do a test and send me the results link. If you think you could help, please visit http://www.gtmetrix.com and type my url which is http://www.drachsi.com, then just send the report link. with your location. Then I can forward to the hosting company.

    If there are a lot of helpful people, I can’t promise to reply to everybody, as I want to concentrate on finding a solution.

    Thanks in advance everybody.


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  • Use pingdom tools and test it then.

    Hi, Yes I have done that, same results. But I need others elsewhere in the world to test, because the problem could be my ISP or the hosting company.


    Anybody got time for me?, it only takes a minute.


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    bristol/uk – http://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.drachsi.com/fhbwu43h

    the location of the caller does not seem to matter as the test seems to be run by their test servers, in this case a server in vancouver/bc canada

    Thanks Alchymyth for the support, and regards to Bristol. What I am trying to prove that it is not my connection that is causing the problem.


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    Drachsi The WordPress part of your site is very slow. The non WP part is fast. Whatever you are using to load the posts from Ajax is taking like 15 or 20 seconds and blocking the rest of the page from rendering.

    Wow, what can I do? I purchased a Theme and just installed and set it up. If you could give me any info that would help solve the problem that would make my day.

    many Thanks for your time and effort.


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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