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  • H! I just put up a new site. This is my first real working website published and all. Would a few mind taking a look around and telling me what you think? It is ok to be brutally honest. We don’t know each other so you won’t hurt my feelings. LOL!!

    really really appreciate it!

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  • Hey ugetpaid2, I’ve had a quick look and must say it looks good so far – except 2 little things:
    1.)Your advertising is tooo… much – nowadays you don’t get many clicks on Banners anyway so you could use them better in a kind of rotation, and use your Content to give a description of the goods (presale) and text-links.
    2.)Your Keywords (mission statement,Affiliate Marketing,affiliate and internet mar(k)eting,home based usiness,ethical,legitimate,niche) seem to be very competitive – and so it will be difficult to have users from Search engines. Do you really want users searching for ‘mission statement’ or ‘niche’ ? they could be interested in everything, except buying sth.

    Thank you for the feedback. I will make the adjustments as soon as I can get to it. In school right now so maybe tomorrow. Your thought are truly appreciated.

    You website looks good but some few changes could make your website more good!the keywords you have used is in a way that users cant find it through search engines. you can make more easier way so that it can be found in search engines while doing a search. and also advertisement can be reduced little more!

    just a quick Idea – install Firefox if you don’t use it already and have a look for the SEOquake addon, which allows you to analyze your website and its Rankings, Keywords/ Metaxyz-Stuff easy with a mouse-klick in seconds – but give it some time (1-2hrs) after making changes cause the caches will not change immediately.
    Checking it on a daily base gives you an good overview.
    Do you use a SEO-Plugin on your Site?

    I will be in about 5 minutes thanks for your input. Thank you Roselie as well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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