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  • Hello, i would love to hear your criticism and reviews on my website , it’s still under construction the content is going to be changed and updated before start, but what do you think it lacks ? Visual, performance things like that.

    Thanks, i will like to hear honest answers !

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  • As a simple blog I think it is quite fine, the header image can be more professional in my opinion. Also the featured images or post images are too small to my taste. Maybe you can center the image to make them more appealing but I would prefer bigger images that span across the post.

    Thanks , yes we are reworking the header right now ๐Ÿ™‚ . And i really want to make the featured images aligned but i can’t really understand how to do it at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your website needs a lot of customization.

    What do you mean by more customization ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

    Seems sleek. But side bar can be utilized in a better way. I am also a newbie, but i placed a banner on side bar of my blog to make it look better.
    Here is the link of my blog just in case you need to see.

    [link removed – this is not your thread]

    Some things I noticed…

    First thing I noticed was the big white space in the middle between the photo and Recent Posts.

    Many of the headings repeat. For example, under “Why am i not successful ?” it says “Why am i not successful ?” a second time. There are more examples under Recent Posts.

    Some of the text is unusual. In English, a question mark at the end of a sentence does not normally have a space before it. (Traditional French uses a space in this position.) Also, “i” is usually a capital, “I”.

    Epictetus didn’t write anything down or record podcasts, so strictly speaking you can’t quote him. One of his pupils wrote stuff down that he attributed to Epictetus.

    Who is Jim Rohn? Even less famous than Epictetus, and that’s saying something!

    There are RSS links under Meta, and again under RSS. One of them uses the term “Entries” for the main feed, and the other uses the term “Posts”.

    When you click “Leave a reply”, the button below the form says “Post Comment”. How many people know that a comment is the same as a reply?

    I know its a WordPress quirk, but what’s the point of requiring an e-mail address when the comment form accepts fake addresses like

    On the “Motivational Pictures” page, the captions just repeat text that you’ve already read in the picture.

    The “motivational Videos” page is slow to load. The more videos you add, the slower it will get.

    Thanks man .. About the content it’s just tests , won’t be the same content when the site goes live ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some of the headings and labels are repetitious. Many sentences are run-on and need to be shortened. Remove unnecessary words (example – “First” after the number 1. Lowercase is common in texting, but “I” should be capitalized.

    Let me take this paragraph and change it.

    Change your way of thinking, start being creative, start working hard towards your goal, you canโ€™t change the future if you donโ€™t change the present. Success doesnโ€™t come easy, but it comes eventually. If you arenโ€™t good at something, thatโ€™s because you are not trying hard enough to be.Let me tell you something โ€“ You are unique, and you are the one that creates his own future !

    Change your way of thinking. Be creative and start working hard towards your goal. You can’t change the future if you don’t change the present. Success doesn’t come easy. If you work hard at something, eventually you will be successful. You are unique. You are the one that creates your future!

    Hope this critique helps.

    It does help but the content that’s at the moment on the website won’t be on the website when the website goes live :).. Thanks for the tips though

    I am looking for a widget that shows latests posts / popular posts tabs on which i could include just special categories to show. I tried flexible posts widget and Popular Posts Tabbed Widget for Jetpack but both show categories even after i hide them so i am looking for different solution, thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚



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    This isn’t a support forum – see the note at the top of this forum – and post support requests in a support forum.

    What do you think of the looks now, not the content ๐Ÿ™‚ .. Content is going to be edited totally before the official release.

    I think that your website is cool however it needs some adjustments. It would look better if there were more colors. I mean that it should be more colorful as it’s about “motivation”.



    Hello…I like your website and I just say that use some colors other wise it is best..



    I will buy premium theme completely in 10-15 days ๐Ÿ™‚

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