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  • I’m trying to calmly walk through this but I’m not a web design person and it seems like all the instructions are geared for people that have already done this 6 times. Everything says “simple instructions”, “easy 5 minutes!”. I’m still hoping, though.

    What I’m not seeing is basic definitions for what any of this means and actually how to do any of it and why.
    I want to create a wordpress blog from a wordpress template. I’ve purchased a domain name and would like to use an outside “Host” which, I THINK, means that I also need to purchase that from some outside vendor like the one I got my domain name from. I don’t want it hosted on
    When I download wordpress OR a template it’s just a bunch of folders full of text jargon, so obviously I’m missing a major step.

    I don’t see any explanation of what “database” means, where it is, or how I create one. I know how to upload to an FTP but whose? Do I need my Host info before I can create this blog? The person I’m working with keeps saying I don’t need our host info I can just build it first and it’s all very “easy”, but I don’t see how. Where do I stick the wordpress files so I can use it to build the site/blog?

    Theres also endless other terms tossed around, nonchalantly like I’m a cyberman. What is SQL? What is a subdirectory, and why would I need to use it? What’s PHPmyadmin? countless other things, too. Isn’t there a guide somewhere that walks through the basics of what is physically happening in each step and where it’s happening from so I can understand why I need to do what, and what some of these lines of code mean that it wants me to create? I can never understand why this language isn’t re-designed for humans to use since we are the ones it’s supposed to benefit, or at least why the instructions aren’t written by non-programmers. Help! ANyone!

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  • Start here.

    1) Get a domain name. You did this.
    2) Get a host. Sounds you need to do this.
    2.1) WordPress is a web application so it needs to run on a web server. It does not run on its own the way that a lot of familiar software does.
    2.2) A web server is a computer with an operating system which is in turn running a piece of software called a web server– somewhat odd and confusing, I know.
    2.3) You will have the most luck and fewest headaches if you get a hosting on a Linux operating system running the Apache web server software.
    2.4) The server also needs to support PHP. PHP is the programming language that WordPress is written in. This would be the “folders full of text jargon” that you found. You didn’t miss anything. That is the software. It just doesn’t do anything on its own. The PHP software on the web server reads those files and makes the site work, sort of like an actor reading a script.
    2.5) The server needs to support MySQL. MySQL is database software. It runs on the web server also. MySQL allows you to create and edit a set of tables that store data. As far as you need to understand it, those tables are the database. You can think of it sort of like a spreadsheet, but it is much more powerful and less fragile. (Never trust a spreadsheet, but that’s another story.)
    2.6) Put those elements together and you get LAMP– Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is a very common server setup. That is what you want.
    3) Your friend is correct that you don’t actually need to have a host to build the site but you do need to have a web server. To build it locally you will need to setup a web server on your computer… or, you know, on one or more of the five computers at your desk :).
    4) When you get hosting you should probably get MySQL database connection information as well or your host will have a tool that will let you set up the database for yourself. How that works exactly depends on the host but the database has to be set up before WordPress will install.
    5) FTP the WordPRess files to your web host. That is where you “stick the files”.
    6) Visit the site in a web browser. The WordPress installation should start automatically at this point. Just fill in the forms. WordPress will create the database tables it needs and you are ready to go.

    What have I missed? Hmmm… SQL is a programming language that lets you manipulate a SQL database like MyQL, but there are other kinds of SQL databases.

    A ‘subdirectory’ is a folder inside another folder. You might want to use it to keep things neat and organized.

    PHPMyAdmin It is a tool– a program– written in PHP that makes it easy to view and edit MySQL databases. Mostly you won’t need it but if something goes wrong you will glad its there.

    Very helpful links and advice, people. A million thanks

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