I need major help! Switched from cutenews to wp! (3 posts)

  1. BxDove
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've been dying to switch from cutenews to wp and finally did! My host offered wp and so I just installed it from there. But how do I customize the way I want the comments and news to look on my page? And also how do I even get the news to appear on my page? lol, I know that cutenews you have to put a code in the page you want it to appear in, what's the code for it to appear in wp? Thanks, I REALLY hope someone can help :)

  2. Java
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Theres no code for Wp you just go to your admin control panel and click on Options then click write and write your article you want to appear on the front page. Thats it!

    As for customizing have a look here:


    Lots of information there and links to various templates avaiable for WordPress =) Hope this helps

  3. Avenir
    Posted 11 years ago #

    WordPress uses a bunch of PHP files to create its output. The main one is called index.php and should be located (assuming you haven't changed any themes yet) at you/install/directory/wp-content/themes/default/. You'll need to fiddle around and edit this file in order to change the way the entries are displayed on your site.

    There isn't just one "code" that you can plop somewhere and have WordPress display your entries. Like I said, WordPress uses a bunch of PHP files to dynamically generate its content. Even then, there are a considerable number of template tags that can customize the way the content looks.

    Using Themes on Codex
    Template tags on Codex
    The Codex

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