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  • ok so i know the answer to this question probably already exists out there but I’ve been searching and I can’t seem to find a solution.
    all I want is to put images (from my digi-cam) in my posts. I have resized all of the images to a width of 2000px. All i want is wordpress to create a thumbnail in the post that can be clicked to reveal a high-res image (with the use of Lightbox/shutter reload). but everytime i post an image it either comes up as a link or its massive.
    can someone please help

    is there a plug in that can do this all for me

    this is so frustrating

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  • i am new to all of this pleaes help me

    Flexible Upload plugin resizes the thumbnails and has lots of options as far as I can remeber. But it’s not 2.6 compatible yet. You may check it out anyways:

    Probably not the answer to your question, but, just making sure you know…

    … in the “code” view of your post… what you want to see is the img src= code to display your Thumbnail.jpg, wrapped in the a href= code to link that thumbnail to the final URL of your Massive.jpg

    If it’s words inside the hyperlink, then you’ll see words

    If it’s Massive.jpg inside the img code, then you’ll see the massive

    Just fix the code so that the hyperlink points to the massive.jpg, and the img code points to the thumbnail.jpg

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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