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    I am not familiar with anything to do with all this so really need help please. I downloaded WordPress just now and can’t find which version, so assume its 3.4.2… sorry!

    I have hosting with Freezone.

    I went onto Freezone control panel and completed the first part of the wordpress guide instructions… ie Login to your site, MySQL Database Wizard, Step 1, Create a Database (though quite why I have to, I don’t know). It did not have the same buttons to press as WordPress guide showed, but a worked that bit out (yay me!) and managed Step 2, create Database User (again slightly different to WordPress guide). I can only assume that the Freezone site actually sorts a lot of this out itself! Anyway, I added myself again in order to try and get to the assign necessary database privileges. That just is nowhere I can find. The last bit, Step 4, Complete the Task is okay but I have no idea about the privileges or if they are set up or what.

    My main problem though (and I don’t know if what has gone before is going to cause any trouble when I find out how to do what I need next which is why I have included all that… thanks for your patience) is the next bit…

    Editing the WordPress Config File.

    Open the file wp-config-sample.php using a text editor.

    (I have textedit on my mac.)

    Where is the file in order for me to open it please?

    (The frustration is extreeeeeeme).

    Many many thanks… sorry for being thick if its all obvious.

    Merry x

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  • esmi


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    You do not need to create a wp-config.php file manually. WordPress can do that for you as part of the installation process.

    Hi Esmi…. thanks so much

    I know I don’t need to create the file. The WordPress guide to installation says to open the file before continuing the installation. So, should I just ignore this and go on to Step 4 of the installation process please?

    Many thanks

    really appreciate your help




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    Yes – you can skip step 4 completely.

    Hi again Esmi

    my problem has changed… I found the install single click button on Freezone site so have got wordpress onto Freezone that way. Now my problem is what to do next in order to get the content on there.

    Many thanks

    Merry x

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