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  • please help me

    i have customized my website, it is suppose to have 3 different page templates… a programmer did the set up for me and then took off half way… even though the site looks good this far the major component is not working…

    please view

    there is a homepage… what you see with a portal like view.

    and there are 3 colour content pages. basically every tab or colored box relates to the pages within them being a particular colour

    for example if you see the navigation menu up the top the first tab is green… all the pages within this page and sub pages are suppose to be green too… all the rest of the tabs In the navigation menu are purple pages and all their relevant sub pages are also purple pages..

    my query here is.. it is all working good the pages show as they should even though the programmer didn’t set page templates for the different pages needed, to be honest i don’t know how he is calling the pages as i cannot see them at all. but it is working…

    however the “current issues and news” tab is suppose to show the blogging page… and is suppose to use the green content template.

    when i click on the current issues and news i don’t get any post at all in there… i have set it up through the admin section but still nothing…

    once you click on the actual link “current issues and news” this should be the main page showing all the post that are allocated to all the categories/ topics… the links in the left hand green menu box should be showing the categories/ topic links…. but in this case it is not? it is showing the links set as pages? which really doesn’t work… [ the programmer originally set it as page and sub pages but that defeats the whole purpose of using wordpress for a blogging site…

    i have gone through 4 programmer who have no been able to do this because they are not familiar with wordpress….


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  • i am looking for an advanced programmer who is proficient in manipulating wordpress? to help me do the changes needed above… i will pay for any work that is done? please contact me asap please IT IS URGENT

    is there any body there that can help me! Please

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