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  • I am in need of a resource to understand what’s going on with the hooks, filters, templates, loops, etc. for woocommerce and a wootheme. Can anyone help me with a resource to learn how to edit php files please? I have a bit of a learning disorder so I need to look at it in different ways, text does not always help me.

    I have looked at the documentation on woo, looked at the wp codex, printed out some sample php files and I am still quite lost on how this works. I looked at the recommended article by wpcandy.

    It will save me countless hours of spinning my gears. I cannot afford to hire someone (and nobody responds to my quote requests anyway) so I have to do-it-myself.


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  • Roy Ho


    I am afraid WP CODEX is THE best place to learn how action/filter hooks work. The best way is to look at the code. I don’t believe there are any other ways to teach that.

    One tip I can give you on understanding the difference between actions and filters is that actions executes a certain function at that specific point of where the action hook is located and filters on the other hand manipulates existing data. So say you have a string of text being outputted. A filter applied to that string text would allow you to manipulate that text BEFORE it is outputted to the screen and thus changing the string or appending to it if necessary.

    I was afraid you’d say that :<

    Unfortunately reading the codex still doesn’t give a clear picture to someone like me. I get that there are differences between the two, but when you stare at the code in the php files it does not make sense to me, probably because they are not simple examples.

    I did do a search here, and found some older posts here by someone who didn’t understand it either, subsequently found some snippets on github, and some of it seems to be starting to get through my thick head. I think I need to sleep on it a bit and maybe in the morning I’ll wake up smarter! Or at least know a better question to ask …


    Ok, what I was missing was documentation for woocommerce hooks and template functions. It’s like a tourist trying to drive through Dublin without a map when a football match is letting out (yes, I’ve done that).

    Now I can start to make sense of the snippets & things I’ve been reading about.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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