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  • Hi JRM48D,

    You could try a plugin like one of these to allow you set your canonical (preferred) URL:

    Hope this helps!

    Hi ChristinNi! Thanks! I have questions.

    1) Do I have to remove the Meta tags (description, keyword tags, title tags) that I wrote already in my one of my site at my header html before I download the ones you recommended? I would like to download that in my WordPress theme, the SEO plugin to fix my canonical preferred site but not sure.

    2) I also have the platinum SEO Pack already in one of my site that I have and it is already in page #1 in Google but there is still a few duplicate sites and if I switched to ALL IN ONE SEO PACK will that effect my Google page?

    Thanks a lot!.

    Hello again JRM48D,

    I’m not sure what file you may have edited to add meta tags as WordPress files are PHP files, not HTML files. Any time you want to make changes to theme files, it’s best to start out by making a Child Theme:

    This keeps your changes from being overwritten if the theme is updated.

    It’s hard for anyone to predict Google ranking. I looked up the platinum SEO Pack plugin and it lists Canonical URLs as one of the features. You should be able to set canonical URLs with that current plugin.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi ChristiNi, thank you for your answer! I wanted to clarify something regarding SEO Plugin.

    This is what I did….
    I installed the WORDPRESS SEO plugin to my site with THEME NEWS .02.

    Just for your knowledge, before I installed this I already added the html codes of my meta tags: title, description and keywords, in my homepage. Is this okey or should I remove this before I installed WORDPRESS SEO?

    Please check my SEO meta tags thru html page source in my site’s homepage. I noticed that I have duplicate “meta descriptions”. Will that confuse the crawler?:

    I look forward to hear from you. Thanks!

    Hi JRM48D,

    If you’re using a plugin to add meta tags, it shouldn’t be necessary to add them manually as well. I would remove the manual edits, that way you do not have duplicate meta tags. Plus, once that theme is updated, if you did not use a child theme, those changes will likely be wiped out. Using a plugin instead of manual edits eliminates that issue (as does using a Child Theme if you do need to make any manual edits to a theme).

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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