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  • I have downloaded wordpress, but its so hard to install, i get so confused about all the host, web serve,etc. I am following the 5 steps to install, now i get stuck at step 4 which is uploading file, how am i supposed to do that, so confusing.

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  • Do you have a domain, and a web-host yet? Where are you located at?

    hey, thxs for reply, the problem is if i register a domain name now, which i have to pay, right? I do not want to make any payments until i have finished website, are there any ways to make website first (download wordpress first) then register domain name and get web host.

    Where am i located? you mean where do i live? I live in Australia

    Well, you don’t technically need a domain name or a web-host for that matter if you want to build the site locally. You can try WAMP (it’s a software which you can install WordPress on) but honestly I think it would be way over your head to configure it.

    What are you going to use this website for? Is it just a personal thing or is it a business? If it’s just a personal blog to write about different things, my suggestion is to use a free blog from (not .org) and you can get familiar with WordPress before making the jump.

    I’d suggest doing what shirazdrum said and set up a local WAMP stack. You then can build the site out and take all the time you need before you pay for a domain and hosting.

    Hey, guys, thxs, well, the website is for personal use, if it runs well, it could be using for business purpose. I am not quite good at those stuff, i am not sure whether i can configure WAMP, but are you able to provide me a link where i can download WAMP?

    Big thanks

    See if this link helps you out. I’ve never used it before, I prefer to use a “live” development server instead.

    Let me try to see whether i can figure this out and install wordpress on it. 🙂

    hey, after i downloaded it, and i could not open it, it has some errors say “aestan tray menu” stop working, whats going on? arrrr

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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