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  • I’ve designed a theme for wordpress in photoshop. Problem is, I’m not exactly completely php or css fluent, and I can’t figure out how to port that theme into wordpress. Here’s the theme in question:

    Could anyone point me toward an existing (hopefully free) template that I could fairly easily modify to get what I want, which is:

    -a menu system where if you click on one of the categories (the white buttons), you will be taken to a new page. Each page has a seperate set of subcategories which link to their respective pages (in this example, About Us | Staff | Contact).

    -a news system which displays icons depending on which category the news is posted in. In the “General” category, all news would be posted, while in the other categories, only their individual news categories would be posted. General would be the front page.

    -a sidebar similar to the one shown.

    Hopefully this isn’t ridiculously far fetched or worse yet, impossible. 😛

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  • Anything is possible.
    Find a plain 3 column them and modify it until it looks like you want:

    As for your “requirements” – it might be beneficial to get familiar with how WP works.
    Pages and posts are two very different things. Don’t mix them and learn the WP terminology to make sure we are talking about the same things.

    Pages don’t have categories. Although Pages can be organized hierarchically in parent-child relationship.

    Also, experiment with assigning categories to posts.
    “General” is not the homepage. The index file in your theme is the homepage – unless you designate a Page for that. Look around in your admin panel before posting (it’s a good rule of thumb…)

    Thanks for the help. I have looked around the admin panel, but it doesn’t tell you a whole lot about theme creation. I’ll read some of the files here on that then.

    it doesn’t tell you a whole lot about theme creation
    Right, the admin panel is not for that.
    Although it tells you a lot about how to use WP and what your options are. Since you were confused about what is theme design and what is options/features in WP… my reply was also mixed 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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