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  • I have been looking all over for ways to create an RSS feed and I do not care if it feeds off of my blog, or if I create it within a text document, but I cannot seem to find a full start to finish solution that works and instead just find bits and pieces of help that ultimately get me nowhere.

    Could someone please guide me through the process of getting a new feed up and running.

    I have already read how to use a text document, but then it says you add it to the root of your site which I have no idea how to do.

    I have seen the much more common method of an RSS feed which pulls content from a website, or page, but I have no idea how to do this either. Any time I try to put a webpage link into anything like Syndic8 it says there is nothing there. So how can I make an RSS feed from a specific website/webpage?

    Here is what I am trying to turn into a feed:

    I want these case studies to come up into a feed, we also have a wordpress site which I could copy the content over if that makes it easier, or I could import all of this into a text document. Whatever I have to do is fine, but I just need to know how!

    Could someone please guide me through the process of setting up even the most basic RSS feed so I have some idea because I have spent hours getting nowhere.

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