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    Hey, I have a big question and developer request, WHY GiveWP doesn’t have WALLET features?

    I need GiveWP Wallet like EDD Wallet, so people can load money once and keep donating¬†ūüßź

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    Hi @sellernine

    I’m glad you reached out, here. We’re always happy to clarify.
    The short answer to the question of why we don’t have that functionality is that there have been very few requests for it, as most of the time donations are more of a “capture the moment” type of thing than a “wallet” type of thing.
    ‚ÄčThat’s not saying we will never build such an add-on, but that it’s not a priority for us. EDD’s wallet integration last received an update in 2017, so it’s not proven to be the most popular add-on on their end, either.
    ‚ÄčThe fact that it exists is evidence that something like that could be built for GiveWP, but it’s not currently on our roadmap at all. I’d recommend contracting with a third party developer if you need that functionality.
    ‚ÄčLet me know if that clarifies things, or if you need further assistance. Thanks for using GiveWP! Have a great day.

    I know WALLET might be not important as its certain design for DONATION

    but the GIVE is more than that and if we change Parameters (Names) then it can be more powerful and can be done so many things

    I created a WEB-APP using GiveWP and I need Wallet functionality all I got just need this to make it WORKING

    Future I Expect: Want our customer can create their campaigns, like front end FORM creation or something it’s like Marketplace like crowdfunding website, what you say?

    EDD Wallet is just an Example (I took)

    GiveWP WALLET helps us to do refund into the wallet so people can later use it without the payment process (We save time and money as well as business) Wallet really helps, What you say? Make sense?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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