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  • lovebryan


    So I run a decent photoblog site called I’ve been doing it for a few years now but I’ve been using Cutenews and I know it can be better. I’m switching to WordPress but there are a few logistics I need to figure out.

    First off, I host blogs from about a dozen different people. I’d like to continue to do this but I’d like them to have their own image libraries since it’s such a photo heavy site. Second of all, I’d like each blogger to have their own page with a customized sidebar and blogroll. Third, I’d like to the front page of the website to feature excerpts of recent blogs.

    So I need any and all advice to make this switch happen. Should I be using WordPress MU? What themes would structurally word best on this site? What plugins would enable multiple image libraries? What other add-ons would work well for a photo blog site?

    I really appreciate the help and I apologize for being so green.

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